Creative Inspiration

Creative Inspiration

We all have those moments in which we are plighted with ideas and no way to channel them. 

I am currently in this situation, so I have decided to approach a means of solving this through music. 

Now, I realise that Spotify isn’t a programme that many people have access too and if they do, it’s limited to a few hours a month and five plays per song. Unfortunately, I am that person who was thick enough to decide that £4.99 a month is worth unlimited use of this programme, so I use it… a lot. Just to prove a point to myself that it’s money worth investing. So, seeing as I am paying to use this programme, I may as well share it all with you. 

I have created a playlist for those moments of creative inspiration we all crave and need. From upbeat songs from Little Mix (I judge myself, don’t you worry) telling us wings are meant to fly, to haunting melodies from the brilliant Ellie Goulding (don’t be put off by the title Dead in the Water, it’s just a title, it doesn’t mean anything) I use this playlist to get my head moving a bit.

Now, as mentioned, I am stuck in a creative rut, so any suggestions to this ever going playlist are welcome. I am all for new music, old classics and uplifting beats. Anything goes really as you can probably tell by some of the song choices!!

Enjoy! 🙂 x

Oh- and if you wish to follow me on Twitter: @KenresaMary. Say hi! x

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