I am Kenresa, a 24 year old graduate in Television Production from the South West of England. 

The first thing you will learn about me is that I am never really in one place: You can usually find me in Swindon, London, Bristol, Bath or Woking. 

This is for no exciting reason just that I can’t sit still. 

Secondly I am constantly on the hunt for the elusive first role in Media. I spend my days job hunting, filling out applications and if I am lucky.. going to interviews. 

Because of this and the competitive industry I want to work in, I tend to get quite disgruntled. So thirdly, I like to rant a lot, about anything.. toast, tea, the neighbours new drum kit, children, tv programmes, X Factor… the list is endless, but it’s not all doom and gloom I am also an advocate of the POSITIVE. 

This positive often leads me to creative flurries and mad ideas. The sort that probably sounds better in your head. 

Fourth and finally, I tweet, a lot, probably more than the normal person tweets and certainly more than Justin Beiber and apparently he tweets every hour…

So that is me, an unusually named, disgruntled ranty 24 year old compulsive tweeter, with an overactive imagination passionate about a career in the media. 

Good Luck. 



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