Let them Eat CAKE.

Now, I am an avid baker with an ongoing inner recipe book that I wish to make at some point or another.  But with some spare time on my hands I figured I shall get more creative with what I am baking. Yesterday, I dived into the unknown and embarked upon “cake pops”

Now, the WikiHow tutorial I found was pretty straight forward:

Make cake.

Bake cake.

Cool cake.

Break cake.

Mush frosting into cake.

Roll cake.

Freeze cake.

Stab cake.

Chocolate cover cake.

Decorate cake.


Easy right? yeah!! (noooo) these little blighters were fun to make and a pain to decorate. Purely because they are top heavy so anything you do to them will increase the ratio. You also definitely need some sort of stand like a Styrofoam block to pop them in as they will, and they did, fall over without proper support. In the end I whacked them in an orange shoved in a glass and BOOM! they eventually caved in and fell over.

But apart from that they were, generally quite yummy! Very sweet though, I would recommend less frosting at the mushing part as with the chocolate decoration and sprinkles you could feel an onset of diabetes coming on.

Heres the wikilink for the How to if you are interested:


Also, Just as a warning they are super fun, but take a lot of time, you find yourself waiting for a lot of it, so prepare your decorations whilst you are waiting or go and watch TV or something! You are in for a long fun and bumpy ride!

Oh and as a final thought, be careful when you eat them… they fall off the stick and hit you in the face!

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