Do Not Disturb – Creative Genius at work.

Now, this is a lie. Sort of, today I have been busying myself away prepping, and probably getting into a bit of a muddle with things, but all is well do not fear.

Last night, I was mentally preparing myself for today when chaos erupted. Actual chaos, the ever (dis)organised friendship group I partake in erupted with excitement over Friday night’s antics.. on a MONDAY. Now, I for one am super organised and I won’t lie when I say I haven’t been thinking about outfits, what to drink etc, for a few days but last night was utterly ridiculous, and I am not ashamed to admit what happened next. I got my geek on, and after half an hour of banter and participating in group talk (considering half of it was aimed at my expense, the bullies) I blocked them out. I simply decided to discover the “Do Not Disturb” icon on my iPhone and went to bed. 

Now, I am shamefully useless when it comes to discovering updates on this phone, I hated iOS 6 when it came out and now I am being told to upgrade to iOS 1.. (great) but this, this Do Not Disturb little gem? An absolute beauty. It let my friends babble away about shoes, who can come, why this person isn’t invited, dresses, shameful stories of last time we went out without disturbing me once. Yes it was there on my phone, but I wasn’t being notified until my little sleepy, gritty peepers opened this morning. 

Let me talk this through to those who do not know: (I am probably the last person in the universe to discover it, although there is my Mum still.. so there is hope)

Do Not Disturb is a little icon in your settings which allows the iPhone to go into a “sleep” mode, whilst you sleep. It allows notifications to still come through to you, but without actually lighting up and notifying you (which is brilliant, as the amount of times I get woken up by what seems to be the Starship Enterprise lighting my bedroom up) until you decide to look at your phone, everything is still accessible; apps, messages, iMessage, Whatsapp etc but it’s not live for you on your screen. It’s great when you need to access your phone but don’t want to be interrupted by your friend’s demanding the height of heel and colour of your dress, not only that, but it screens calls and only filters through calls from a nominated category. Which is perfect when waiting for that all important call and still don’t want to be interrupted. 


Today, I used it for “business” purposes and although I still gave attention to any messages, I am grateful for the “silence” and for someone who is open about being attached to their phone, I really enjoy it, as sometimes you just need that breather. I am geniuenly excited about this, as I didn’t really understand it at first, but now I do, I am not scared to admit, I am going to Do Not Disturb y’all ALL the time. HA. 

Plus, I know people are waiting for me to reply, but they can wait. I have dreams to achieve. 




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