Cupcake Wars & other obsessions

This week has been insane for me, both physically and mentally. So thankfully I have had  the task of baking to take my mind off of things. 

My cousin is getting married on December 1st and has decided to have cupcakes has her wedding favours. 149 guests out of the 150 invited will leave her special day tipsy, happy, full of love and handling a cupcake. There will be one guest though, who will probably be blind drunk, slightly bitter and will refuse point blank to take her cupcake. This guest will be me. Why? Because I am the sole baker of all 150 of these delightful cupcakes and not that I don’t trust my baking, it’s just by that point, I’d have baked and iced 150 cupcakes and I will happily go a while without seeing one again. 

Two out of four flavours have already been baked and frozen. I decided (along with my faithful assistant “Mum” who got me into this floury mess in the first place by opening her mouth) to try to bake Red Velvet cupcakes as it’s a wedding and they look like, love in a cake. This was a nightmare. So fiddly and complicated but a hell of a lot of fun, sadly I can’t offer you the recipe as faithful assistant was barking it at me (this, was the extent of assisting) but I can show you this picture! Sadly they werent as red as I would like, and in fact they look like chocolate cakes, but I assure you, they are red (slightly brownish) velvet cupcakes




Now, the next flavour was a simple lemon, just a plain sponge mix with lemon zest from four lemons grated into it. It created a subtle lemon taste which wasn’t too overpowering, I was concerned that once baked it would disappear, but they turned out well, these will have a white chocolate lemon icing when I get round to icing them. These are the simplest of all 150 cupcakes baked and yet again the recipe is unavailable as my faithful assistant decided she was to bake them.. but here they are baked to perfection! 



the next two are mint chocolate and strawberry, both baked by myself as faithful assistant doesn’t dabble with complicated, but I am looking forward to making these in the next few days. But for now I have had my share of cake… 


This week marks the first time bakes of cinnamon rolls, courtesy of Ed Kimber of 2010 GBBO winning fame and his cookbook. These, take a lot of time to prepare, 3 hours in total, with rising time for the dough but are totally worth the gorgeous smell wafting from the oven and warm cinnamon taste when they finally bake. 

They are even good warmed up a day later and these are my proudest bake yet! 



so damn good. 

So not only have I become an obsessive baker, I have also opened my eyes and crawled out of my rock I tend to live under. Now I had heard this song before but hadn’t taken much notice of it until the past few weeks as I have made additions to my friendship group.

Now it has been stuck in my head everyday and has become a firm fixture in my “music that needs to be played everyday” and I don’t think I will tire of it, I’m going to teach my niece the dance this weekend too. Just because I can..


ENJOY…. I’m off to get my gangnam style on..


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