Flip(ping) Board

I got very excited when I heard about this app for the iPhone and iPad. My friend, who is an avid social media junkie excitedly tweeted about Flipboard and how amazing it was a few weeks back, and as I trust her media savvy judgement (considering she works in social media) I decided to check it out.. 

MIND BLOWN. This app has EVERYTHING you want in one place, a social magazine in which you flip through the pages to see content especially generated to your tastes, because YOU chose it. 

I’ve always fancied making my own magazine so as you can imagine, I was as excited as a child on Christmas Day. You can add your social media networks, such as Facebook, Twitter and  Instagram as well as Tumblr, Linkedin, Soundcloud, YouTube, Flickr and Google + just to name a few. Alongside this, you can have any interests you may have in case your friends and virtual contacts aren’t being particularly interesting. Categories such as food, music, technology, photography, fashion, news, home and film plus many more are available to you and these have sub catagories that delve you even further into an addictive social media world that is just for you. Am I blowing your mind or confusing you? well, lets take a look..



This is your cover photo and it picks the top stories from your interests and added social media networks automatically when you open the app, sadly my friend Aaron’s lunch is now viral, but I am sure he can connect with someone else who might enjoy his frankly disgusting looking lunch. This also refreshes every time you flip through the pages, so as everything on your connected networks and feeds update, so does your feed. 


Now this is your contents as it were, these are where your categories are stored so you can see whats new and what takes your fancy, I’ve found that the pictures are usually quite intriguing so that makes you click, it also happens to choose the worst photos your friends have posted on various social networks, which can be quite hilarious for you. The good thing about seeing your social networks this way is that you skip all the crap that tends to come with Facebook (e.g “Like this photo if you think Kim Kardashian looks like an extra from Lord of the Rings”) which is handy because you only see what really matters to you. 

When you click onto an interest on your flipboard you’ll see this: 


well, not always this depending on what you subscribe too, I chose Style this to save my friends blushes at being outed as a cat lover or worse a terrible cook (I mean tuna and ketchup Aaron? really?) Once you enter a category you have endless pages of just.. stuff. All of which is actually quite interesting, because lets face it, who wants to read about something rubbish? All from credible sources too, whether it be from a news outlet or twitter itself, you end up discovering so much more to social media and just how much it is used and how far it can travel through this app, which in itself is fascinating. You can spend hours going through it too, probably even days if you weren’t careful. Just discovering, especially if you add an interest to your account, as you already know I love baking and just through this app alone, I have discovered the amazing Bon Appetit magazine and how amazing their recipes are!

So for all you social media junkies like myself who love a new app, I absolutely 100% suggest this. Flipboard, oh! and it’s free! Enjoy xox


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