Christmas Crafting….

Two posts in one day, dear bloggers I do know how to spoil you.. but we move on from hysterical misplacement of cakes to Christmas and crafting.

2012 hasn’t been my wisest year for choices or decisions and as a result I have mustered all the energy I have into various projects. Christmas is a huge deal in my family, my Mum is practically Santa without a beard and it usually starts around July, but don’t be put off by this. My mother is extremely organised and subtle with her Christmas, present buying may start in July but the festive season starts in my house when the festive season starts worldwide.

I apparently saw ahead that this Christmas would be tight money-wise last Christmas and went insane in the Paperchase post Christmas sale with decorations, cards and wrap (seeing as last Christmas’ products in Paperchase were insanely good) but as I have a flurry of creative friends and inspired by their homemade wrapping last year, I decided to get crafty this Christmas. 

I have already crafted some gift labels from an amazing stamper set I picked up in the Paperchase sale last year, and like a good wrapper, you need matching paper with your gift labels right? So off I went on my mission to craft make some festive wrap. IKEA came to my rescue with plain brown parcel style gift wrap for 80p per roll, of which I bought 4. For 80p for 8m of wrap when the average price of Christmas wrap at 3m is £2.50 I found this pretty good and you can do anything with a blank canvas and I found it hard to keep to 4 rolls. 

Tonight I decided to undertake the task of creating my festive wrap, additional to the stamps I picked up last year in the sales, I added this years stamper set (a bank breaking £7, but a present from my lovely Mum) and some more ink and off I went. 

It’s very therapeutic stamping paper, today I have been particularly fed up so I found it quite a release. I used a mixture of phrases and festive pictures in red, green and black ink and in no particular order. I’m very pleased with the final result as it looks pretty rustic and if I am honest, not like I have spent 90 minutes slamming a stamp over paper. So here it is, my first roll of festive wrap. I am thoroughly enjoying getting my creative hat on, so bring on the festive baking! 




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