New Year, but is it really a new you?

Happy New Year to you all!

I am sure many of you yesterday woke up fuzzy and heavy headed in your bed/someones floor/ someones armpit/bush or tree/front porch – I myself found myself on the floor on my friends in my nieces blow up bed/dingy squished up against my friend among party poppers and various half conscious bodies. But however you woke up, we all woke up with the same view:

“2013! New Year! New me! Time for change!”

and then a list of various “I will try betters” which the main one was undoubtedly broken by around 4pm when the first Dominos/Chinese/Indian was ordered… 

I digress/tell the truth.

I actually broke my first new years resolution at around 9 minutes past midnight, after promising myself I wouldn’t swear so much (I have awful language) I found myself exclaiming loudly a curse, and cursing again when I realised that I hadn’t even hit ten minutes into the new year before I am swearing. So much for new me. 

So rather than planning to make this a “year of change” I am, instead looking to improve upon the last. Think of it in a way of upgrading your iPhone 4 to an iPhone 5. Now, I am not saying I come with 4 inch retina display, but with a little help, I have the potential be a bit more pleasing to the eye. 

I will start from learning from my mistakes of 2012 and accept my decisions are what they are. Now I started 2012 the same as this year (except in my own bed in my friends armpit) but I started to run before I could walk. I approached everything with SUCH ENTHUSIASM, I started to lose sight of myself and my needs which was eventually my downfall. But everything happens for reason and I am starting to accept that my decisions were not mistakes, but in fact, learning curves. I’d like to think I came out the otherside a much better, grateful and appreciative person and I am ready to fully embrace what comes at me next and not care about what anything else thinks as long as they see you happy.

I am ready to take this year on, but with not so much gusto as last year. I’m not going to tiptoe, I’m just going to simply live. Live and learn and relax, because if anything, I learnt this past year I am a tightly coiled spring. I’m actually looking forward to seeing what this year brings. 

I’m not going to rush it or wish it away, I shall just live it. 

and I’ll make it a good one.

With two resolutions already broken (aforementioned cursing and Dominos) it doesn’t make me a bad person, it makes me human. But as long as I ensure that I think more carefully before making decisions, I don’t see why it won’t hurt for now. 

So 2013 I greet you pleasantly and look forward to working with you in the coming 12 months. 

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