This is a bit late, considering 2012 was only a week ago. But in the week thats passed, I feel like a good change is in the air and a lot has already happened for me and my friendship group. 

The last months of 2012 introduced me to some amazing new friends, it’s not often that as a group we meet a lot of new people at once as we’ve all in some ways integrated our outside friends in. But the reintroduction of an old friend of ours brought his group of friends and the most lovely bunch of boys I’ve ever met. We now often go out at the weekends and have been known to have the odd house party. We spent New Years together too, which, I hope cements our friendship for 2013. 



I have high hopes for 2013, I hope to have a new and exciting job soon that I can look forward to going everyday, and if not, hope that this is the year to establish myself in the digital media industry (obviously at junior level). I hope that my friendships grow stronger throughout the year and that we all make it a regular thing that we see each other more and be more social. I hope to reconnect with my uni friends and see them a lot more, especially now some are local to me and hopefully get away on the weekends (with money from my new spangly yet obtained job, I shall, for the first time ever be one of those “living for the weekend” people) to see said Uni friends. 

Apart from that, I just want to be happy! 2012 wasn’t a good year, but I hope after a positive start to January this carries on and I can finally be happy in what I am doing. 

Heres to a positive year and as the new BBC ident states: “Love 2013”

(you can take the girl out of television production, but you won’t ever take the television production out of the girl) xxx

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