When Life Gives You Lemons…

You make lemonade, or you say “f….k the lemons” and bail.

You can go one of two ways with this saying. I have teetered in the middle of this motto for a long while now in terms of my job hunt and life plans. I have gone from embracing the lemonade and pouring copious glasses of it and applying for everything in my path that I am more than capable of doing in my chosen field of work. With the job applications though comes rejection and my mind set wanders towards bailing on my career plans and settling for any old job until my confidence and ego is back and better than ever and I am ready to make lemonade again. 

But the word “settling” isn’t a positive one, it doesn’t make you think of improving your life but rather it staying the same and just plodding along and making do. 

This is when the fire my belly rises again and my teetering flies rapidly towards the lemonade. 

I do not want to be the girl who just settled

No way, not ever. 

When I came back from my rushed decision made of a move to London, I was broken and deflated. I wasn’t ever going to get anywhere in TV because TV  didn’t want me. Despite my glittering degree, my endless work experience and bag of enthusiasm, TV saw me coming and decided it wanted out before I even got in. 

So I reassessed, and with the guidance of two very wonderful ladies I made an even braver choice than moving to London itself. 

I made a career change. 

It was risky, but I love digital media and all that goes with it. So I started a blog, got involved with other blogging sites and put my experience and skills to much thought and decided just to go for it. Applying for office based roles within companies that allowed me scope to expand and learn. 

My first interview was great, I didn’t get the job but their feedback was positive in that my passion was there and they did not doubt that I would soon get a job in digital. 

They were right, second interview in my chosen career (third if you count the first round telephone interview) I got it. I actually got the job. 

I’ve gone through 6 months of uncertainty, no set job and a lot of rejection, I’ve laughed, cried and researched until my head ached with facts. Typed endless applications and sold myself to the gods of media. 

Then yesterday gave me hope. I put all my lemons in one jug and rather than making lemonade, I doubled my lemons and made a sea. I took a risk and it paid off. Actually paid off. 

I’m excited and apprehensive, I’ve a lot of work to do and a lot of learning to come. But I’m pleased that I didn’t bail, that I didn’t settle, because deep down I knew I was better than that. 

So I’m off to set sail on my sea of lemonade in boat of lemon rinds. 

Wish me luck… 

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  1. Such a beautiful post! inspirational xx

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