In New Music We Trust…

This weekend was a highlight of the new year so far, after spending the majority of last week on what can only be described as my death bed, horrendously poorly and thinking I will never live to see the weekend, things took a turn for the best and I felt marginally better, and with that I gathered the little strength I had and toddled off to be social.

Discovering new music is one of my favorite past times and I pleased to say that this weekend did not disappoint.

Living in Swindon can, sometimes have its advantages, as I learnt this Friday and Saturday. On Friday, I trundled off to a small village called Purton and to a pub called The Angel to see a band called Babies vs Rabies. They sound just as the name suggests, now I am not a journalist so I won’t provide you with the ins and outs of the gig  (I leave the reviewing to my lovely friend Tom- who can be found on Twitter @Dapwearer or here: ) but I will say that don’t judge a book by it’s cover, I pride myself on the eclectic music taste I have and I was pleasantly surprised by this band, the rifts were incredible – provided by the talented Adam Crosland and the drum beats went straight through you like blood pumping around your body and I really enjoyed the feel of the whole gig, it was only 20 minutes but I was transfixed throughout and my only regret is not nabbing an EP, but I am sure if I ask nicely Tom will lend me his copy! Here is a link to a previous gig of the bands and they can also be found here: I was really impressed, as I felt it was a sound I had been missing, and now rather pleased I have found it.

This impromptu outing spurred more plans to go the The Vic in Swindon on Saturday, a few bands were playing this evening all with a lot of talent but the main headliner was one who caught my eye. Crash & the Coots are, just, well, mental. In a good way, a completely different sound to Friday and one that I fully embraced. The set up was insane, fairy lights, tambourines  harmonica and even a cowbell and the energy was intense, the whole room was captivated by this “Lo-fi Alt Pop band” (as they describe themselves) and I for one am now a huge fan, especially when the cow bell was cracked out. Beautiful. The sound is absolutely spot on and also slightly different to what we hear at the moment, and I am anticipating what this band has to offer us in 2013. Here they are: they can also be found on Twitter (@crashandcoots)

Both bands provided me with music that filled a nice gap in my expanding taste and I will be watching them closely to see what 2013 brings them both and of course, hopefully attending more of their shows. It’s nice to see two local (I think Crash & the Coots are Bath/Bristol based.. I could be mistaken) bands with so much raw talent and doing shows right on my doorstep, sometimes it pays to live in Swindon and in others it pays to have a music journalist friend who has an ear for good gig opportunities!

I hope you enjoy them as much as I did and I hope 2013 brings me more gig outings and lots more talented up and coming bands!


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