The musical education continues….

Following on from “In New Music We Trust” I drew inspiration from my weekend of band watching and embarked on a mission for my final week of freedom. I entered  “Music Monday” (a clever name, thought up all by myself) with the aim to discover as much new music as possible, this task is an extensive one and I am now on “Woodwind Wednesday” which followed “Tuneful Tuesday” (seriously, I could do this forever) 

“Woodwind Wednesday” isn’t about woodwind instruments, in fact it has nothing to do with anything I am listening to at all, I just needed a W word that was associated with music. But today, rather than filling up my already dwindling laptop memory with scores of CD’s and tracks stolen from various friends (and my Dad, love Fleetwood Mac..) I opened Spotify and was shocked to see, that it actually fully loaded for once and offered me the choice of new bands and songs. Further investigation lead me to this band: Johnny and the Hurricanes, a band formed in the 1950’s and offer you the full 50’s shebang, without any words to accompany it’s a trumpeting, cymbal crashing treat to your ears, bring you back to an era you were never a part of but one you secretly wish you were born in. – here they are. 

Another has been a favorite of mine since Uni, an ex of mine introduced me to Bonobo and their chilled out vibe, I saw them at Glastonbury in 2010 and they didn’t disappoint, sat outside on the grass in the sunshine with cider and good company, they made a great addition to an already perfect moment. They have just released a new song called Cirrus and you can see how their sound has developed over the past years, it has a feel of sitting in a coffee shop on a rainy day, or at least to me it does. Check it out below.

Another band I have discovered this week was one a friend posted on her Facebook, the name immediately caught my attention: “The Lonely Biscuits” are a funk, soul, indie, hip hop, pop band and an altogether very different sound, drawing inspiration from the Beastie Boys (an absolute all time favourite band of mine) the song “Chasin’ Echos” starts off slow and chilled and grows into itself as it goes on, accompanied by a rap only true Beastie fans would identify with,

Alongside these bands, I have been filling my iTunes with albums from Incubus, Bloc Party, The Drums, Yeah Yeah Yeahs & The xx, to name but a few, with the intention of making my iPod even more enjoyable to my ears than it already is, and giving my iTunes a well overdue cleanse by cutting out some god awful crap. Sadly I may have an iTunes to rival a festival line up but I do not have the iPod space.. so many a playlist shall have to be carefully constructed to ensure maximum exposure on my commutes to and from work. 

But for now, off I trot to embrace more, do you guys have any recommendations for me? 

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