So.. tomorrow, I grow up.

I am bricking it, tomorrow I start my first day at my very first “grown up job” Grown up being the operative word here as I’ve obviously had jobs before but this one is special to me as it is the first proper job I have gotten in the Media industry. Am industry I have wanted to work in since the age of 4.

I won’t bore you all with history, but it’s been a long journey and I have trained in this field since the age of 16, I am 24 now and I have A Levels and degree certificates coming out of my ears telling the world how well I excel in this subject. I started down a completely different path than the one I am now taking, and after a ill-fated relocation, a lot of thought, a small breakdown and a lot of heartache I made the change to Digital Media after taking the advice from two close friends and a realisation I am, actually, quite alright in this area.

Sorry television industry, but you made your feelings clear towards me last summer.

So I now I am here, Sunday 3rd February (Happy Birthday Daddy) at 18:26pm and pretty much ready to explode with nerves and excitement. Nerves at the upcoming role and will I be good at it? and excitement at finally breaking into it and being a part of something I have wanted to be a part of, since, well, forever.

I’ve packed my bag, ironed half wardrobe and even cleaned my car inside and out…

I also am feeling slightly emotional, purely because I have the BEST friends and family in the world and all day they have sent me texts and messages wishing me luck. But also, without them, I wouldn’t be here right now.

So, thank you. To all of you as well as to my mega supportive family.

Anyways, enough sentiment, I have growing up to do…. apparently!!!

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