TGIF – The weekend!

Weekends are a new concept to me, I’ve worked in retail (The Disney Store) long enough to resign myself to the fact that weekends are one of those things that are filled with few free hours and rude, pushy people demanding to know why their Handy Manny talking figure is only speaking in Spanish. 

But my new job (which I adore) has opened my eyes to the world of the weekend. A concept so new to me I’m frightened to touch it, afraid it’s just a cruel dream in which if fully enjoyed, will be rudely taken away from me in a plume of smoke and an evil laugh. 

The last two weekends, the first two of my new found normal one job working life, my “adult job” if you will, have been pretty amazing. I’ve had two great nights out with the people who I adore the most, spent some quality time with my best friend Hayley, which I’ve enjoyed more than anything and enjoyed a post night out brunch on more than one occasion, as well as seeing family and grabbing coffees left right and centre! I’m loving it! 

Hopefully I can figure out my work/life balance in the week in the coming months, so I can be slightly more sociable in the weekdays but for now, I am embracing the weekend and the people I love the most and ODing on Starbucks and brunches. 

Brunches are definitely what Sundays were made for. 

Long live the brunch.

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