Wedding Belles

Today I went to a wedding fayre. Not because I am engaged to be married, nor am I a creepy weirdo who gets off on wedding paraphernalia, nor am I anticipating a wedding soon, just praying for a man to snap me up. I also wasn’t groom hunting before you assume the very worst (more on that later). I did, in fact have a legitimate reason. My best friend was the organiser for today’s Swindon Advertiser Wedding Fayre, held at the Hilton.

I went along, because I am a good friend and went to offer support (I can see none of you are convinced) to Hayley but also to my friends who offered to model wedding dresses and suits on behalf of the suppliers. I was asked to model, but declined (no thanks). I went more as moral support for the boys, who actually looked very dapper suited and booted. So dapper that I even proposed marriage to all three (polygamy is now my new favourite thing) (so yes, maybe I lied on the groom hunting, sort of) but, despite my initial thoughts (I’m not grown up enough to handle the M word yet) I actually had a lot of fun. 

I took my Mother and met up with a friends Mum and sister and had an absolute blast. I wish I could have videoed it, as the boys were incredible. I’ll give them their due, they’re good sports and owned that catwalk, especially when they took their jackets off. The crowd went WILD. The girls, looked stunning and some of the dresses were actually really lovely. Now, I’m not in the W frame of mind, but I can appreciate good couture when I see it. Moreover, my friends looked beautiful in their dresses, if a little embarrassed.

I have to admit, I did laugh throughout. But not because it was awful, but because I enjoyed it and the boys made me chuckle so much with facial expressions. They won’t be modelling for Storm anytime soon, but I see a healthy career in male tux modelling ahead for them. 

As for the fayre itself, I admit I didn’t take a look, but the reports from the various mothers of friends milling around it was lovely and well put together (of course, Hayley is an organisational CHAMP) there was even a bird, so for any blushing bride, wanting ideas, there were definitely there. I enjoyed some free cake though. Always a bonus. I might even be tempted to sign up next year!!! 

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