Mothering Saturday and Markets

Happy Mothers Day to you all!

Mothering Saturday has been a semi tradition for a while now in my family. Purely for reasons of University and working in retail. My Mum has never really been one for typical tradition anyways. I think the only tradition she really sticks to is Christmas and that’s only because it wouldn’t be right at any other time. 
My sister and I tend to surprise Mum on occasions such as these, not because she hates surprises and we want to make her feel special, but because it gives us an excuse to act out of sorts. Our last expedition to take Mum to afternoon tea at a posh hotel ended with Mum being kidnapped and bundled into a car in the Somerset countryside by my sister (my car, not a random car) and blindfolded, with a towel over her head and being told to stop protesting and not ask questions until the car stopped. When the car did stop at a set of grand, beautiful wrought iron gates, we asked Mum to remove all the kidnapping gear and eagerly anticipated her excited reaction of wonder at being somewhere so grand. A few moments passed, and we wondered if she was just in shock, too tearful at our grand gesture to speak. We turned round and saw she was completely sound asleep, not quite the reaction we wanted. 
This time, we kept it simple, still keeping her main reason to be in Bath a secret, but promising no kidnapping, towels or blindfolds would happen. In turn she promised that she wouldn’t spontaneously nap. We’d booked afternoon tea at the Royal Crescent Hotel at 4pm and spent the morning and early afternoon taking in the sights and food at the Bath Farmers Market in Green Park Station at Mums request.
We discovered this market in early December and it’s pretty awesome. Everything you could possibly want is in this market, all from farms throughout the West Country. I love a good farmers market and this certainly delivers. It has everything from wine to sushi- cheese, bread, cake, jams, chutneys, falafal, hummus, sausages…the list is endless. This is also an exhaustive list of everything I ate on my way round said farmers market. I love the notion of “try before you buy” I fully embrace it whilst deciding my purchases here. Everything is so cheap/good value for money too and most definitely worth the look. There are so many stalls. My Mum came out of the market with a bag groaning under the weight of baked goods, good cheese and tempura prawns the size of small dogs. No joke. These babies are huge, I cannot wait to chow down on them.
The only thing I felt the market was missing was a decent flower stall, I am aware Bath has several street level flower stalls, but flowers bought at a farmers market feel, somewhat different to flowers from a street vendor. I did purchase some gorgeous gerbras from a street vendor though. My favorite. 
We did eventually make afternoon tea at the Royal Crescent (after champagne cocktails at TGI’s and a nice wander around Bath) opting for the Royal Afternoon Tea, which consists of a selection of finger sandwiches, scones and bath buns (yessssssss) and a selection of mini cakes with tea or coffee and a glass of champagne at £35 per person. Which considering the amount of food you get is pretty good. The tearoom itself is away from the hotel in a quaint little house in picturesque gardens and the service is faultless, I recommend to anyone. The hotel itself is situated in the middle of the Royal Crescent and you don’t even realise it’s a hotel until the bellman comes out! All very nice. Mum was very surprised which was nice to see 🙂 we definitely earned super daughter points for this trip, and not a blindfold in sight!
Heres some photos of yesterday:
and finally, this is me and my Mama when I was cute.
Love you Mum x

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