The Delights of Old Town…

I’m miserable, I’m miserable because the weather is at Armageddon levels, I am miserable because this weekend has been a total misery and thus, I am miserable. 

However, I am not dwelling on misery here, rather sharing the delights of my misery I am telling you how my lovely friends got me out of my funk for Saturday afternoon. 

I was dragged from my pit, kicking and screaming around 11am yesterday for a large mocha and a late brunch at Gusto, a cute little Maltese cafe just off of Wood Street, it’s very small and has the most delicious Mocha and tea. Serves food and even has signature Maltese dishes and beer, which I love seeing as I spent nearly every summer growing up in Malta. Their bacon and sausage rolls are rather filling but completely worth it for a late breakfast/early lunch. Starts you off for the day. I am reluctant to reveal much more detail to be honest (and due to my misery, I didn’t take any photos so you have to be imaginative here) as I love this place so much, I am frightened millions of people will want to come here on a Saturday (well, you just can’t, it has like 7 tables) and take the shine away from it as it’s mine and Laura’s cafe and we hate sharing. But I love it too much to not rave about it, and I am sure Jess W over at would agree… 

The beauty of Wood Street is that by day it’s a flurry of activity, with little cafes, beautiful shops full of hidden treasures (We all know I am referring to Youngs) a deli (more on you later, you wonderful little thing) and a farmers market every other Sunday. By night it’s one of the best places to go out in Swindon, the bars that blend into the background by day are alive at night with 2-4-1 cocktails, thumping music and drunken people…everywhere. The best thing about it is that there’s always a taxi. 

I digress…

So GlamoRose cakes are fairly new the scene in “buzzing” Old Town. To be honest I always knew it was there just never really thought to visit it. I’ve no idea why either, a whole shop dedicated to cake and shabby chic finds is my ideal place. I suggested we should take a look and was greeted to the cutest little bakery I have ever seen, you can like them on facebook here: and see what her cupcake of the week is. I chose this weeks: Rocky Road and it was BEAUTIFUL and for £1.50 an absolute steal. 



Balula’s Deli is a place I love to visit but their cafe is so damn good, it is always too busy to ever find a table. A friend of mine is leaving us to move to Bristol (something I am working on myself) so we met him for a cuppa and a natter over some carrot cake (as if the roll, cupcake, tea and mocha wasn’t enough) The BEST thing about Balulas Deli is that it stocks American food too, something, I adore and opted for Welch’s Grape Soda as my drink rather than more caffeine (misery? what misery, I was bouncing off walls by this point from sugar intake) and shared the cake with the group. Seeing as I’ve only ever shopped for gourmet popcorn, sourdough bread and posh chocolate, I was like a kid in a sweetshop with the cafe. Whilst the ‘adults’ (the over 25’s) having a conversation about moving, I remembered I owned a camera and got snap happy, whilst looking at EVERYTHING on the walls, chairs, counters, tables, you name it (seriously, a lot of sugar) 





They even sell the famous Pippin’s Doughnuts, I’m definitely coming back every week, even if I am sat on a strangers lap, even the staff were having fun, happy, smiley and laughing. It was a joy to be in and vanquished my misery for the time being. 

I often forget to explore Old Town fully, there are so many cute little cafes and restaurants that I am still yet to visit, I just take it for granted as I live there and it’s just.. well, there. But now with my new found weekends (still in awe, retail really kills it for you) I am making the effort to get out and about and as a fully fledged (born but not completely raised..) Swindonian it’s nice to see what it can offer when you look for it, rather than sticking to what you know. Anyone who lives here, I suggest you do the same too. 


Peace out. 


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jess says:

    They sell Pippin Doughnuts?!?! I’m there.

    And totally agree about Gusto’s! Love that place 🙂 xx

    1. YES! I saw the box and did rethink about the carrot cake…
      Pippins also come to Bristol every other Friday, always gone by the time we get up there mind!
      it’s so good 🙂 xx

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