The History of Rap…

I am obsessed, I have never watched a video on YouTube so much, not since a 6 minute snippet of a snowboarding documentary I produced at Uni was uploaded… (which by the way, whilst I am here, you know.. I mean it’s just there, click the link, it’s right there)

I digress…

not watched something so much since I discovered Ray William Johnsons =3 YouTube channel (seriously, that guy…)

Then on Facebook, yesterday morning, this video happened. It’s old, it’s two years old. The original History of Rap is three years old and the History of Rap 4 is a week old.
But 2 & 3 have been combined into an hilarious extended video.
Now Youtube, please edit all four together and make a girl happy.

It’s amazing, it’s funny, it’s snappy, it’ll make you cry with laughter you can perv over Justin Timberlake (especially in the History of Rap phwaor) and laugh at Jimmy Fallon’s tendency to get carried away. Both are quite good at rapping and impersonating too.

So go on, just have a gander. You will not regret this. I even went as far as creating my own Spotify playlist about it…

yup. Obsessed. I love rap.

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