Cheltenham…things’ll be great when you’re at Cheltenham…no finer place for sure Cheltenham…everything’s waiting for you…

Lyrics sound familiar? 

Yesterday me and my bestest friend in the whole of the widest world, Hayley went back to our old uni town for the day to well, spend some quality best friend time together. Seeing as life has restricted our time together, we thought it would be nice to return, reminisce (we had very separate lives when we lived in Cheltenham, despite living opposite each other, we actually saw each other more when we came home!) and have afternoon tea! 

We started the day in Whole Foods, this is quite possibly the BEST SUPERMARKET IN THE WORLD.


It’s no Sainsburys, I’m telling ya. Organic food, gluten free food, vegan food, fresh fresh fruit, juice bars, pour your own FLAGON of ale bar, cheese, meat etc, plus a very fresh bakery, make your own breakfast, peanut butter, pizzeria and cafe there is something that caters to everyone and lots of variations of just that. It’s pretty much like an adult Disneyland for foodies. I can’t even explain it, you just need to visit (it’s on the road to Tewkesbury, ironically next to Sainsburys who weeps in the shadow of this epic, organic and ever so slightly costly supermarket) 



The Montpellier Chapter Hotel is just above the town centre, off of Bayshill Road (the only road in Cheltenham that until three years ago I always escaped parking fines because it was the only place I could ever park and not face parking fines) (the majority of my student loan went on parking fines, it was a long running joke through uni) and after a bumble around the town centre, visiting our old favourite shops (Aunt Annies Pretzels most definitely got a hit) we rolled up, hungry, awaiting afternoon tea. 

We went for the traditional afternoon tea of salmon and cucumber, ham and mustard and cucumber and cream cheese finger sandwiches. Some of THE BEST finger sandwiches I have ever tasted in an afternoon tea. Mini scones and preserves and a selection of mini cakes and eclairs (not as nice as the sandwiches) as well as a big, huge, never ending, steaming pot of tea, all for the bargain price of two for £20.

A grown up activity for two people actively trying to avoid this growing up malarkey… but a lovely day out. Plus it was so warm outside! Cheltenham is glorious in the sunshine. I really must not leave it so long in between visits. It felt like home again, especially parking in my old street!










On a side note, I am totally addicted to Whole Foods tortilla chips, (I love homemade tortilla chips) (£1.99) and their organic avocado houmous. (also £1.99) seriously yummy. 



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