Easter Goodness

I realise this is really late, but the amount of Easter chocolate under my desk at work, in my bedroom and in random hiding places around the house can safely say Easter is still in full swing. Which is why I am only blogging about this now. 

This past Bank Holiday I found time (in between chugging back 2 4 1 cocktails) to spend time with my delightful niece and getting into the Easter spirit by making Easter nests.

What You Need: 

1 large bar (about 500g) of milk chocolate

1 box of rice crispies

1 bag of mini eggs

cake cases

(mini eggs are optional, depending on the season of course, anything chocolatey can be popped on the top of the nests) 

First, melt the chocolate in a bowl over some boiling water



once melted, let the bowl cool for a minute or two before adding the rice crispies, start by adding a small amount and then add more as necessary.



Then stir the cereal and the chocolate together until the cereal is covered by the chocolate (small helpers are optional, as this is a simple recipe, all I did was melt the chocolate, I let my niece do the rest!)



once everything is covered, spoon the mixture into the cake cases, and add two/three mini eggs on top and refrigerate. For an extra Easter bonus, my niece added some small little chicks. 




Finally, and lets be honest the best bit for anyone, adults and children alike.

Lick the bowl.



et voila! Easter nests. (a week late, but a fun all year round treat…)



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