It’s here…

But really? is it? The sun has been teasing us on and off all week. It’s basically just popped in for a cuppa and a biscuit and gone on it’s merry way again. I understand that other, exotic countries are more appealing than our grey, bleak skylines, but give us a break too! 

The sun has understandably gotten everyone very excited and in the vein hope of keeping it around I’ve spent my days dreaming of lazy weekends in beer gardens and BBQ’s over long weekends. Something I did indeed force upon my friends for Bank Holiday and I am rather excited. 

But in case I scare it away, I won’t bleat on about what I wish for the summertime, it might not arrive! A couple of things I love about summer are here:


  • Beer Gardens
  • Ploughmans (more on this later on the summer, once the full pub lunches take effect)
  • Good summer driving music 
  • Long evenings
  • FESTIVALS (Glasto, in more specific terms)
  • Cider
  • Flip flops 


I can go on..forever. 

In other news; “Where shall I drink coffee this weekend?” has taken me to the small town of Marlborough, a mere 12 miles away from Swindon and home to Pollys. 

Polly’s is the quint essential tea rooms, and old fashioned to boot! with traditional lunches, teas and of course a LOT of cake. I had a simple BLT sandwich but my friend opted for the afternoon tea. Consisting of a scone, jam and clotted cream. It’s also home to what can only be described as the best mocha I have ever tasted in my life.




I also have to mention that the best way, to ever start a Sunday is the Tassimo way. A decent coffee machine was the best present my sister ever purchased us! 



Enjoy the rest of your weekend, I can still see some sun peeking from those clouds! xxx

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