This week I am loving…

So my internet’s out on my laptop so am using another, and I am desperate to blog about Queen Beyonce, but that’s for another day, where I am fully prepared for the epicness. So bare with, she’s worth the wait.

So this week I am loving a number of things, mainly music. I am a Spotify addict, my monthly subscription is worth the money as I practically abuse this software on a daily basis (you can also get it for free). The sheer amount of playlists I create is ridiculous. I also connect my Spotify to an app called “This is my Jam” in which you can pick your favourite song to be your latest “Jam” and share it. Currently, my favourite jam is: Late Night (Koreless Remix) by the Foals. Follow me: KenresaMary. 

I am loving Soundcloud, for many reasons. The awesome remixes of songs I love, the full on set of bands at festivals (Friendly Fires, yes please) and the basis of creating your own sets. I share some of my songs with my friends at work and this week have just gotten so into it. Especially the cheeky free downloads.

I am also loving the “See Friendship” button on Facebook. The cover photos on the profiles of some of my friendships are utterly hilarious, I had such a giggle looking through them with some of my best friends, some go back years. Worth a look. 

I am loving burgers. Who knew? I never eat burgers, its not my chosen food ever, but this week I have had two. In 24 hours too, such a fatty. But the grilled halloumi, OH GOD. 

In terms of eye candy; I am loving Miles Teller and Skylar Astin. These two are known from the new Footloose remake (and being capable of adding ‘cowboy’ to the list of potetial jobs for future husband) and from Pitch Perfect – which is a film I will love until I die. They’re both starring in 21 and Over, which I saw on Sunday and it was surprisingly hilarious – oh, and they’re naked in it. Bonus. 

Have a good weekend! xox



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