I’ll Never be Beyonce…

For a well known number of reasons…there is just something about the woman’s presence that makes you stare in awe. You want to be her. She is the epitome of a woman. 

She makes for a great day out too, about a month ago (soz, guys – month late and all) me and the girls from Uni reunited for a brief two days and got our Beyonce on. She was the icing on the cake of a two day celebration of birthdays, promotions and probation passing and of course reuniting and what a way to celebrate. 

I can’t describe to you the whole concert, it wouldn’t be fair. The atmosphere was electrifying and she had our attention from the word go. Opening with Run the World and closing with a haunting rendition of Halo. I danced, laughed, cried and ran that mother along with the thousands of woman and slightly terrified boyfriends in the O2 Arena. When she sang Survivor, I couldn’t tell you what came over me.. I just wanted to survive! I sang my little heart out.

But it’s true, the mantra “What would Beyonce do?” rings true, she is an inspiration to all the women out there with her strong, fierce attitude, you want to be her, you truly believe that if she can do it, then you can too!

Then you leave, buzzing still in the air from the show, excitedly chatting away to the girls about how amazing her outfits were (am after the navy diamond catsuit fyi, so if anyone sees it..) and how much you love her. Then, on the tube back to Herts, you realise that you don’t have her money, her attitude or her husband.. 

then you realise…. you’ll never be Beyonce…

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