Simple ‘Choclit’ Cake

It’s my niece’s 4th birthday tomorrow, and to celebrate I have made her a simple chocolate birthday cake. Referred to here as “choclit” because that’s how she pronounces chocolate. I’ll hand it to her,the girl has taste, her original request to my sister was “a choclit cake from Marks & Spencer” – which she’ll probably have, but you can NEVER have too much cake on your birthday, it’s basically the whole point of the day, that and well, presents. 

To make a basic cake, you shall need: 

6oz of butter – I used Stork

6oz sugar

3 eggs

6 oz self raising flour

4oz of cocoa power 

tablespoon of milk (optional)

teaspoon of oil

a sprinkle of vanilla sugar

For the icing:

4oz of icing sugar

2 oz of melted chocolate

4oz butter

If I am totally honest these measurements are a guess, I’ve been baking from a young age and so I usually just estimate, so if you feel this is too much/less, alter the recipe as needed. 

First, added the butter and sugar together and beat well with a mixer or a spoon until light and fluffy and a pale yellow colour. 

Next, add the 3 eggs and beat these in until combined and the mixture is a batter. At this point, I added the oil and then the flour. Combine the flour into the mixture with a spoon until the mixture is thick in consistency. Then add the cocoa powder. I added milk at the point to loosen the mixture as it had become a tad dry, (this would be my guestimation proving me I am not so clever at times) adding milk is optional, so if you feel your mixture is fine, leave it. 

Stir the cocoa powder in until combined and for extra sweetness sprinkle the vanilla sugar on the mixture (this just needs to be a little pinch) stir this in and spoon into a greased cake pan.

Cook in the oven (which probably should have been preheated at the start, common-sense really) on 180 degrees for 20 minutes. Or if you have an oven like mine, anytime between 20 and 40 minutes dependent on when the mixture feels like cooking properly…

Once (if it ever) baked, remove and leave to cool. 

Measure 4oz of icing sugar and place in bowl, melt the chocolate over a pan and add the butter to the icing and combine. 

Slowly add the melted chocolate and combine until it’s all mixed. Spoon mixture over cake until the top is covered. You should have enough for the sides too. Add decoration if needed or leave untouched.

viola! simple,choclit cake!



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  1. Jess says:

    Erm, yum! This looks incred. Also loving the new blog look! 🙂 xx

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