Oh Glastonbury. 

Glastonbury Glastonbury Glastonbury…. 

It’s taken me this long to get over the intense atmosphere of the festival and the tiredness of the whole thing so I can get my head around it all.

It was great, I saw areas I had never explored before and have ticked off all my boxes in places I wanted to visit this time round. Which was a bonus to going with a group who had never been before and are eager to explore. 

When anyone has asked me since coming home who my favourite band I saw was they’ve automatically answered on my behalf with “Of course it’s the Stones right?” wrong… the Stones – credit where credit is deserved were incredible. I made history that night which was awesome and of course, I had to see them, I like the Stones and I would be silly to not watch them.. but they were not my favourite. In fact the Foals were. I banged on about how much I wanted to see them before I left, I banged on about how much I wanted to see them on the way down, I banged on about how much I wanted to see them when I was there and right up until the lights went up for their set. In fact, I still bang on about how much I wanted to see them at Glastonbury. Because they absolutely did not disappoint me. I danced and sang and took every moment of that set. It was a stonker, I was praying they would play Inhaler and in fact Yannis was even like “So Glastonbury, we’ve been waiting a whole to play this song for you all” and then it started, and I screamed and screamed and screamed until the screaming turned into incoherent singing which turned into flailing dance movements which in turn lead the crowd into giving me a wide berth. Which was great, more room to flail I saw this as. They owned it so much, that when the question of what headliner out of the three we weren’t bothered to see should we see? I was like…none. I am done. Glastonbury, goodnight.

But I saw other bands, obviously. One stick out moment was seeing Half Moon Run over at the The Park stage. They were so good, and so suited to the chilled, but lively atmosphere of the Park area. That is my favourite of all the Glasto areas, mainly because of the Glastonbury sign, but mostely because it’s so colourful and really lovely to be in. 

Other than the awesome music, the trekking, the food (oh god I could talk about the food forever – one word: cheese) and the general “THIS IS AWESOME” moments that happened every 10 minutes. There is just too much to ramble on about so I’m going to round it up:

Compost toilets – hilarious, you queue, you get a jug of water, you walk into a hut with a hole in the floor, you immediately regret this decision, you give it go anyways because you’ve come this far and that 3 pints of cider isn’t going to stick around much longer and you go for it. Unless you’re Estelle, in which you do all of the above, get into a muddle and lose your sunglasses down the hole. 

Getting concussion: Conversations with a stranger are the norm at any festival, especially over random items. For example going into a detailed conversation with a girl over how brilliant pineapple scented hand sanitizer is one thing. Getting so involved in the conversation you don’t watch where you are walking and walk head first into a lamppost is completely another. 

Eating your body weight in cheese: The food is awesome, it’s seriously good. I mean good, like really, really bloody good. The choices are INSANE. You could eat like a King for weeks if you had the time to individually go round. I for one, went for the option (accidentally) of cheese on everything. I had halloumi wraps, pizza, a ploughmans (yes, really!) lots of falafel with halloumi and feta cheese, CRUMPETS (CRUMPETS!!) with marmite and cheese, toast with marmite and cheese at 5:30 in the morning (breakfast/dinner), the growler – which is, are you ready? a baguette with bacon – normal right? it gets better – a baguette with bacon and chips! whoa, I hear you think, now we’re talking, but no, it gets better. A baguette, with bacon, chips SMOTHERED IN CHEESE. That right there is the DREAM. A heartattack inducing dream. 

Sunshine: lots of it. so much of it you get burnt. 

Cider: lots of it, so much of it you don’t get burnt. You just get happy

The excitement that at any minute Daft Punk will play at every stage: they didn’t. ever. 

Arcadia: a fire breathing electronic talking spider. I hated it. I hated everything about that 30 ft tall robotic fire breathing spider. It wouldn’t warn you when the fire was coming out, it just did it. I have a nervous disposition now, I lost many a drink to that spider. 

TV crushes: At Latitude last year, I ran into Tom Rosenthal’s comedy set and got up on stage and participated, I even hugged him. I fancy him that much. This year I ran – and got lost so missed the most of – to Laurence Fox’s solo set and just gawped at him with adoration. Damn Billie Piper. 

Foreign Music: Jumping to French rap in Shangri-La was a highlight of my Thursday and chilling by West Holts with a Brothers Cider and the Guardian to some Mexican jazz rock was an excellent start to Saturday. 

Silent Disco/Raving: Love it. Little random tents in a bush that has a full on rave in the middle of the day, losing 4 stone dancing to Rudimental and shouting “LISTEN TO NUMBER 1! NO! 2!” at each other in the silent disco. 

Mumford & Sons: Bringing on Vampire Weekend, The Staves, Vaccines, First Aid Kit and acting all casual about it and then breaking into “With Help From My Friends” the person quickest to dissolve into sobbing tears in the crowd goes to me. 

I can and probably would, go on. I shall leave this lengthy post with some pics. 


The Cider Bus!


 Strumpets with Crumpets!



The only time I wasn’t eating cheese.


The Growler




seriously, if you have never been. GO. 


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