Monday what will we do with you?!

Okay so I realise it is Tuesday but being at work and having a laptop that has an umbilical chord to the Internet box it’s hard to blog these days. Thank The Lord for iPads I say…

So yesterday whilst I was sat at my desk, feeling sorry for myself as it was Monday, I’m not feeling all that well at the moment and completely uninspired by the weather outside, I took note of my surroundings and realised that I was slowly getting through it by creating my own entertainment. There I was plugging through my work with a skinny mocha in my hand and the saving grace of the velvety tones of Mr. Justin Timberlake. 

Without that combo I doubt I would have made it until lunchtime if I am honest. So I posed the question to my girlfriends: “what is getting you through this Monday morning?”

Thier answers?!  Chocolate porridge and a citrus isotonic drink; McDonald’s latte and nothing can someone swap jobs with them? The other was in a job interview – which she got so I assume luck got her through the morning!

So am interested dear world (if you’re there) what gets *you* through a Monday or any day for that matter morning?! 

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