Whats in a name?!

I find my name is like marmite, you either love it or you hate it. I personally find it alright, other people LOVE. IT so much they want to name their unborn child it (one really, really, really, awkward phone conversation with a stranger at work – which if you know me, you would know I am extremely protective over my name, so being told this nearly sent me over the edge). Some people- they haven’t made themselves known – probably think it’s stupid. But you cannot deny that Kenresa is up there in.. well… silly names. 

The reason this has come along is something Mama S just said to me whilst trying to spell my name backwards – long story- her exact words were: “well, it’s a bit strange” – well, you only yourself to blame for that love. Very (very, like two weeks very) nearly 25 years ago you sat there and made the long term concrete decision to name your youngest and favouritist child a name that she will have to battle with every day for the rest of her life. 

I’m not one to moan (scoff) but it’s quite simple. Kenresa. Ken-reh-sa – there we go. Got it in one, but people just see Kenreesa and that is it, to them, my name is nothing but that and god forbid you, Kenresa- you with the the actual correct pronunciation, will go and try to correct these Kenreesa lovers, because they will not have it. It’s the same with the Kenressa typists – YEAH BROTHERS I AM LOOKING RIGHT AT YOU BOTH – with their double ‘s’ being splashed around the page like an alphabet convention getting a bit wild – sometimes I wonder if I have spelled or said my own name correctly it’s so often wrong. 

But hey – as long as you don’t call me Ken or Kenny (unless you’re special) we’ll probably be lifelong friends. Probably being dependent on how you spell Kenresa in the first place, say Kenresa and refrain from telling me that if you Facebooked searched my name I probably wouldn’t be alone in my name. I like to think I am the only one, ever. So if you stick to the plain and simple Kenresa, Resa, Res or Kes – then we can be best buddies. 


Oh, and it’s derived from Kerensa, which is Cornish for love, so in essence my name means love. Which, if you knew me personally you would think is terribly ironic. 




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