This is Halloween!

Halloween is usually treated by me as a long winded pumpkin loving, slightly chilly stepping stone to the wonder, glitter and excitement of Christmas. I won’t lie and I won’t be ashamed to admit it either. 

This year, I’m not entirely sure what happened. Whether it was my best friends idea of throwing a Halloween party, the fact Sainsburys actually had pumpkins in store on the 30th October, the introduction of scarves, The Nightmare before Christmas being permanently stuck in my head But this year I was excited. Once party plans were sorted Pinterest was recruited in my bid to conjure up that lacking fall spirit.

I was asked to create some spooky, autumnal goodness for the party. So I made chocolate orange cupcakes with a pumpkin decoration and a double chocolate chip cupcake with a cream cheese icing with the word ‘Boo’ on. 

The recipe is simple:

200g butter

200g sugar

2 eggs

200g self raising flour

100g cocoa powder

then add the zest of orange and the juice / chunky chocolate chips 

bake at 180 degrees for 15 minutes. 

I cheated and used Betty Crocker (god bless her) cream cheese icing and rolled out some orange royal icing and “carved” a pumpkin.  I also used the terrible Dr Oeatker gel tube icing in black to write Boo on the cakes. Awful, never again. My inner child came out during the making of these cakes as the tube icing frustrated me that much it was sent flying across the kitchen in a stress. Stupid icing with its stupid runny texture ruining my Boo cupcakes!



Thankfully, all was not lost. BBC Good Food gave me a bloody fantastic and super easy recipe for toffee apples. I made these last bonfire night an they are such a treat and the toffee tasted just like the shop bought stuff. 

But I didn’t shop buy these bad boys….. Oh no no (well, the apples yeah… But you know…)


So yeah that was Halloween. The party in itself was awesome – I went as Rapunzel. Rapunzel’s Flynn Rider got too fat and neglected the staircase, pulled on her hair too hard and she fell out of the tower… Tragic really. 

Happy belated Halloween! 



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