Deck the halls with homemade wrapping, fa la la la

la la la la. 

So, homemade everything is, like, my thing for Christmas. For someone who literally spends her time moaning about how little time she has, I really pulled it out of the bag. Pat on the back for me!

So remember last year when I made christmas wrap? Well……..I was at it again this year, but with the chronic back ache of being a 25 year old whose 21 year old self didn’t wear their helmet snowboarding, caught an edge and came crashing down to earth with a clumsy bump, resulting in back injury for life. Sitting down for a long period of time stamping 8 WHOLE, LONG, METRES of brown wrapping paper only meant I managed one roll, but do not fear, hampers meant that I hardly had any presents to wrap so 8m was just perfect. I also found some amazing festive stickers in my crafting bag of dreams and long with some lovely new brown tags, I created me some wonderful gift labels too.

see? wonderful. Look at all the new ink, mmmmm ink, i love ink.



Not only this, but I made (cheated) some stockings for my best friends Christmas present. Hobby-mecca-craft ran a beauty of a 3 for 2 offer (you can see me bang and bang on about this here) in which I took my very bored niece one Saturday too (I may or may not have dumped her with a lady making some sugar paste Pudsey Bears for Children in Need) and picked up 3 already made stockings, some brown gift tags, some buttons, some gorgeous ribbon (plus ribbon I already had), glue, some candy cane shapes and some glitter. Plus half of Hobbycraft…. oh Hobbycraft, I wonder what the January sale is like…


One Sunday, I sat with a hot chocolate and got cracking, glued the ribbon to the tops of the stockings, embellished the labels with buttons and candy canes and wrote the girls names on with glitter. They turned out pretty cool, I really need to start making myself cool things..They are so simple to make too, it helped that we had a stocking template, of course. But, filled with food (who doesn’t love that idea?) the girls were fairly pleased.



Finally, Pinterest has taken over my life, no word of a lie, if it is on there and I think I can do it, I will. It’s pretty much been my go to for everything this year. When looking through the Christmas stuff, I came across a Pin for Chocolate sleighs. Which I adapted for a British chocolate look. I went to Poundland – which is great for bulk chocolate buying – and invested in Freddos, Kit-Kats and Crispello, candy canes and a bag of mini Santas. The Range had an offer for 2 Malteaser Reindeers for £1 so I bought several of them. I used double sided tape to construct the sleigh. First attach 2 candy canes to the side of the Kit-Kat. Then, I placed 2 Malteaser Reindeers on top, stuck 2 Freddos and then another on top of them. Finally finishing with a Crispello and a mini Santa. Really fun and inexpensive to make. Wrap them in cellophane and they make great gifts too! Mine were the centrepieces of the hampers and sleighs.



Obviously, as these were gifts, I couldn’t blog about them all until now. But if you’re ever stuck for inspiration. Pin it. 

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