Heres to the next

I am sorry for the onslaught of posts. Truth is, I have a new, working laptop (A Macbook Pro to be precise) and I a very excited to use it, and blog from it and well… eeeeeek! Couple this with the fact of I never blog, it means you all now get to spend your New Years Eve trawling through my drivel. Happy New Year to you too. 

As I say goodbye to a pretty good 2013, I look forward to a already shaping up 2014. In February I head off to Germany for a week to see my friend Jess, I plan to (stupidly?) miss Glastonbury and instead, in September, fly 3,000 miles on my lonesome to see my cousin in Los Angeles. I plan to attend Ascot, darling and of course, move to Bristol to be closer to my job and get maybe have some form of a life. Of course, I hope third time moving outs a charm and I don’t have to move back in with my lovely parents again… but lets just get there first! 

2013 has been good, it was better than 2012 to say the least. I have had better years, yes, but it’s pretty up there. I wouldn’t go as far as saying it was “amazing” I got a new job in February, in Bristol and have since then, commuted daily into the city (37 miles away) and worked on some pretty cool projects. Of course this was terrifying, I rehauled my career and life completely, but I have learnt so much, about the job and about myself. I hope this continues next year and I can look into expanding myself further. 

I had weekends away, rather than a holiday and spent some time in Devon and Somerset seeing family and friends in July and August, and of course, Glastonbury in June. Seeing Queen Beyonce and having BBQ’s and picnics made up May. Spring brought day trips and time spent with friends and family and the discovery of the Bath Farmers Market. Autumn brought Halloween parties, fireworks displays and games nights in, huddled over homemade pizza and winter brought quality family and friend time and Christmas markets. 

I also realise I started with summer first… I’m not perfect. 

We said goodbye to old friends, hello to new ones and a big welcome back to old friends too (Which are always the best sort of hellos) I had friends go and come back safely from Afghanistan, friends starting new lives in Germany and America and some old friends come back into the group, HI JAMIE. 

I have discovered the delights of the slow cooker, made brushetta from scratch, baked an awful lot, turned 25 and went to the spa and threw a party of which I have no recollection of, coordinated a hell of a lot of projects and organised 3 awesome events, saw friends I haven’t seen in years and actually made the effort to see family in various parts of the UK. 2013, you were fricking awesome and looking back, I packed a hell of a lot in 12 months. 


I don’t resolve for 2014, I have learnt that you should aim to better yourself everyday and not just because some ornate clock and some fireworks tell you to do so. Of course when I wake up fuzzy headed tomorrow morning, I will propose to, maybe not drink so much, but I won’t do it because it’s New Years Day. I’ll do it because I want too (I don’t, this is just an example)… in like, March, sometime. 

I will however aim. I will aim to go to more gigs. I will aim to not eat as much, I will aim to go to Zumba more. But resolving means applying pressure to do these things. Aiming is a much more achievable option. So go, live your dreams and all that malarky.

Happy New Year and heres to 2013. Bring in 2014 and where is that damn prosecco?




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