The Craft Trolley

I can only apologise for my lack of blogging. I could be pedantic and blame technology and my lack of a working laptop, but as much as that is true, it’s not the full reason. The reason is that I am lazy and forgetful and time is lacking in my life. But I resolve to be better, i promise. 

Back to business. This year, I decided to get creative with my time and rather than spend my weekends in a shopping centre moshpit, frantically tearing my hair out over what to buy so and so for Christmas I thought it would be nice to get crafting instead. 

My niece has everything, being 4 years old, you would have everything and more than that. What she does like though is a good “stickings” session, and so, inspired by the delightful Jess over at, I made her, her own craft cart

I decided to (selfishly) opt for a colour and pattern scheme that I would like myself if i had room for my own craft cart (by the way guys,hint for my next birthday…yeah?) so opted for a pink, floral pattern that was kind’ve Cath Kidston esque (without the price tag). I trawled my way through Amazon to find a suitable trolley in height and shape and found a great three tier, plastic cart on wheels for under £10 with delivery (bargain hunter over here).Image

Sewcraft, in Swindon is great for material and everything you need to make, well, anything you want. I decided that wadding the bottoms of the trays out with a piece of covered wadding to cushion would be best (bad idea in hindsight as everything just flies everywhere!) and got three different types of floral patterns to create my trolley. I then covered each tray in the material and pinned them together so that I could see where best to sew and then stitched them together. To create the wadded cushions, I measured out the wadding and glued the material onto it with fabric glue.

The trolley was completed with bunting, in pink of course that spelt out my nieces name, Adie-May – just in case anyone was confused as to who this belonged to and finally filled with glitter, glue, scissors (don’t give those to a 4 year old,that was very silly), pencils, pens, paints, brushes, paper etc. 

Of course, she has a lot of craft stuff already so I made sure to not fill it so much so she can use it how she wants to and her reaction when she opened it was priceless! But now, since I started this project, I have wound up with so many crafty bits that well…. I need my own cart… anyone? 🙂

Here is the finished article:




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