Monday Madness

Monday’s are a pain aren’t they? did you know that this Monday in particular is known as the most depressing day of the year? and judging by the weather, boy does it show. 

This morning, I decided to not let this so called “depressing day” get the best of me. This lasted about 90 minutes from waking up until the 2 mile tailback on the M4 scuppered my commute to work. But that was okay because once it cleared and I sailed through, I wasn’t so depressed anymore.

Apparently I have had that miserable look on my face all day, but I’m feeling alright, tired, but you know… it’s Monday. But in case any of you are feeling those Monday blues and feel like a shake up to air those cobwebs may I steer you in the direction of these lovely tunes.

now, go dance in that rain and shake those blues away!

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