Am I feeling alright?!

The thing is, I am the worst date when it comes to eating out. The worst. I like pizza, I’m pretty simple. Pizza, chips, salad, pizza, chinese, pizza, pasta, pizza, bread, pizza…..

But Indian? no, please, I can’t cope with the intense fire in my face, it’s too spicy. I can’t cope with spice, I am that person who would go to Nandos (oh, I don’t like Nandos – but hypothetically) and order houmous (mmm) and pitta bread, because, well… it’s not spicy. 

But you know, despite my nightmare eating habits, I am pretty open to things. I’m not absolutely against spicy food. In fact, I’m sure if I could eat it without wanting to throw my head in a pool of water, I would. 

So last night, i went out. In Bristol. On a Tuesday. Lets take a moment to reflect on this.. me, out, at night, Bristol, Tuesday. New year, new me anyone? so yes, there I was, being sociable, in Bristol, and get this… going to an INDIAN restaurant. 

Now, I haven’t completely lost my head. 


I went to the Thali cafe, which everyone at work raaaaaaaves, about. So it got to a point where I was thinking that I would probably have to go and see what the fuss is about, despite my mouth screaming in pain at the thought of spice. Luckily, I had the perfect excuse, seeing Russell Howard at the Tobacco Factory meant that me and my friends needed dinner, and if the Thali is attached to the Tobacco Factory…then well…it would be rude not too? right? right? good, I like being right.

You know what?! it was damn good. The boys and Em opted for mains, whilst me, Hayley & Anna opted for snacks and sharers. I had fishcakes, Mumbai street snacks and sticky paneer skewers. I now absolutely love paneer cheese. Seriously, how have I never had this cheese before? and we all know how I feel about cheese….

But seriously, it’s good and so reasonably priced too. It’s a yes from the fussiest date ever. Which is a good thing!

But, Russell Howard… seriously… such a weird crush, but I love him. The gig was  a bargain at £5 and for charity (god bless you Twitter and last minute planning) and so intimate, we were basically touching. The warm up acts were pretty funny too. My cheeks hurt, which is a good sign of funny gags! I’ve seen him before, but it’s so much nicer in an intimate setting. Basically, it was just a good night out.

My favourite way to spend a Tuesday for sure, whats not to love about new food, comedy and weird crushes?!

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