Time for Tea

Tea, it is widely known, solves everything. Wars, problems, tears, lifes woes, a cold, medical problems (not entirely true), the meaning of life (again not entirely true), arguments, birthday problems…

So when our pregnant, mother of 1.5 children posed the million dollar question of……. “WHAT THE HELL DO I DO FOR MY BIRTHDAY, I’M PREGNANT GODDAMN IT, I NEED HELP” in a slightly less aggressive manner than I just described, the girls went away and brainstormed.

I came up with the idea of a tea party, mainly because I had several cook books for Christmas and I wanted an excuse to bake, but because it’s an inexpensive way for us all to have a lovely afternoon, get dressed all fancy and drink a shedload of tea and eat lots of cake, it’s also pregnant lady friendly.

Considering it’s January and we all have zero money, we all pitched together fairly well. We had our friends house as the venue, which was beautifully decorated in whites and blues, the teapots, cups and cake stands etc were items she already had – who owns 4 teapots!? and additionally baked some scrummy scones. I, of course made cakes from the Primrose Bakery cookbook, in the form of the rather yummy combination of Banana and Chocolate and then toddled over to Edd Kimber’s book and carried on the banana and chocolate theme with banana and nutella bites. YUM. My other friend made the sandwiches, after all, what is tea without finger sandwiches and cucumber? I even managed to string together some bunting to add to the party theme… even if putting up the bunting resulted in this conversation:

Me: how is it your side?

Hayley: It’s good, how is it for you?

Me: Great, can you move to the left a bit?

Hayley: Hows that?

Me: Much better

followed by awkward silence…

The end result was a wonderful, sophisticated, grown up afternoon, for four very non-sophisticated, partly grown up women….




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