It’s the weekend!

You know when you wonder if Friday will ever arrive? when it’s so far in your reach and there’s a million hurdles to overcome before you get there?

This week has been a little like that, it’s been long and tiring and it’s taken me until today to realise that I haven’t been 100% well either. But that’s fine, because it’s the weekend now and it’s all okay.

I’ve been in a frame of mind where everything needs to be cleared and sorted out all week so this weekend I am completely re-hauling my bedroom, clearing it and hopefully de cluttering it. It’s already been repainted, so it just needs sprucing up.

De cluttering it would probably work better if I hadn’t gone to IKEA this evening “just for some storage boxes” and came out with a new jewellery chest, 2 storage boxes, 2 candles, a glass, a spatula (yes, a spatula), Christmas stickers and some lights…

I totally needed all of those by the way. Absolutely needed them….. I only really needed the spatula and the boxes, but I totally needed the stickers…lights.. oh, and tape.


I also needed the hot dog and Daim bars too. I wasn’t hungry, but I needed them.

Like I needed this weekend, and for my bedroom to be repainted… and needed to build the jewellery chest right now, this minute, pronto, stat and then spent the next hour screaming obscene words at some cardboard, which completely misbehaved until slotting together perfectly, without giving a monkeys about my near emotional breakdown over constructing it.

Happy Weekend, what are the plans?!

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