Why being a child is better than being an adult.

Children, move aside – when me and my sister visited Hogwarts (The Harry Potter Studio Tour to you Muggles) a few weeks ago, I am of the belief that we were the youngest people at the tour. Now, I love Harry Potter, I mean, who doesn’t? but after going to the tour? I am now OBSESSED. I don’t think being off sick from work the week before we went helped, as I managed to watch a lot of the films in preparation. I hunted on Wikipedia and IMDB to update my trivia and I was fully prepared for my trip. I am the Hermione Granger of HP world trivia, fact. 

My sister, on the other hand, prepared by telling the first staff member she saw that this was her birthday present. To which she was informed she could have a birthday badge. My sister is an adult, a pretty grown up one at that, with a husband, a child, a house and everything… this married, mother of one (of which, said child is probably looking more sensible and/or sane at this point) then proceeded to run, no, sprint her way around the queue until she got to the front to attain her badge. 

But she didn’t stop there, oh no, at the door of Hogwarts, the group was asked if anyone were celebrating any birthdays could make their way to the front. Children were thrown out of the way, stamped on, pushed back, chucked harshly aside to make way for her. She was the only adult at the front, she got to push the doors to Hogwarts open, she was the only one who truly understood how special this was and was the only one who looked like she thoroughly enjoyed it. My sister, is 41. This was her birthday present from me to her. 

The tour itself is pretty impressive, if you’re a HP nerd like me and my sister, you will love all the small details and information about what it took to make the films. You’ll leave wanting to be a part of Hogwarts for real, thinking it normal to want to buy the robes and wear them EVERYDAY (NB: this isn’t normal….) you’ll be amazed at getting to wear actual robes for the broomstick simulation and slightly disappointed you were housed Ravenclaw when, secretly at heart you want to be a Slytherin but, you should probably be a Gryffindor because who doesn’t want to be a Gryffindor?! (me? I like green more and Draco Malfoy, I enjoy him a lot more) and you will awe at the fact that everyone who has ever starred in the film, wizard or not, has a wand. Did you know that Jarvis Cocker has a wand? I did, he was the lead singer of the band who played at the Yule Ball in The Goblet of Fire. 


So yeah, Harry Potter still brings out my inner child. I may have the age of an adult and an ID worthy (every.time) face of a teenager, but it’s good to know my heart is still a child too. 

We can’t all grow up just yet? can we?



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  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    HP keeps our inner child alive 🙂

    1. It really does Jeyna! I’m re reading the Deathly Hallows over the pile of 25 books I need to read, just because it had to be done!!!

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