Liebster Award – part 2

Now, I feel it would be completely selfish to self indulge in some extreme own blog loving, but when Steph from DaydreamingonaDime nominated me back, I didn’t want to be rude and ignore it, so I am going to be polite and answer her, rather excellent questions. Also, being nominated twice means surely, I have to be doing something right, right?

1. If you could have any skill, what would it be?

I have often wondered this for myself, as I would, given the choice have every skill ever. Because I am greedy like that. I think I would, however like the skill to apparate (ala Harry Potter) anywhere. I would save so much money on petrol and have so much more time in bed!

2. What food do you wish you could eat all day, without the calories?

Pizza, pizza, pizza and pizza.

3. If you could have been brought up in any other country, what would it be?

Somewhere European, just so I could speak another language fluently. 

4. Sunny strolls or cosy winters?

Ooooooh…. OOOOOOH. Sunny strolls, there isn’t enough of them in my life.

5. Do you prefer to receive emails or postcards?

Postcards, definitely.

6. What is your least favourite form of transport?

I would say bus probably… 

7. Little Black Dress or Little White Dress?

Black, always.

8. For or against Valentine’s Day?

Hmmm, I have never really been for it, in or out of a relationship, I always feel it’s forced. Doesn’t mean I won’t say no to chocolates though..

9. If you could talk to animals, what would you say?

Sorry for all the litter and crap us disgusting humans leave all over the place. We’re the ones brought up in barns apparently…

10. Is it all about the starter, main or dessert?

Starter and main.

11. Which couldn’t you live without, Films, Music or Books?

ARGH! WHY! WHY!!!!!!!

Music…. definitely music. Then books, then films. 




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