Oh! What a beautiful weekend!

Wasn’t it just?! it’s been around 45 years since the UK last saw this sun thing I speak of and even though it wasn’t amazingly hot, and despite the fact the whole of Swindon mistook the sun for the searing heat and an excuse to walk around with as much flesh on show as possible, it was a rather pleasant weekend. 

I was planning on just chilling this weekend, after a manic few weeks and this afternoon took a mammoth three hour stroll/trek around the surrounding countryside behind my house.

In the summer months, I tend to walk around there a lot, as there is an old railway track which is now a cycle path/walking route and a lot of off shoot paths which take you to various parts of the area. It’s usually full of runners, cyclists, dog walkers and people just taking a slow, steady stroll. I was pretty certain there wasn’t an area of the route I hadn’t explored, but getting a tad lost on our adventure completely proved me wrong and brought me to a new canal and a series of lakes i had never seen in my life. Absolutely insane to think that this actually is about a 25 min walk from my house. Oh, lazy days on the jetty by the lake, bring it on.







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