Stevie Nicks – my International Womens Day Hero

We’re a pretty strange bunch us women, full of strange habits and characteristics that only ourselves will understand and we get to celebrate this in an internationally recognised day. Which is pretty neat. So it got me thinking, since for as long as we can remember, women have been campaigning for an equal partnership on this planet, the chance to do whatever we want to do because we are able to and not because we are told to conform, and the ability to go out into the male dominated world and tell them “who (can also) run(s) this mother?!” – thank you Beyonce, Emmeline and all the women out there who tells it like it is. Girl Power.

I wanted to identify a woman who I feel is a positive representation of a strong female who I adore and felt Stevie Nicks was perfect for my personal hero. i’m going to sum my reasons in 10, short points. 

1. She is the reigning Queen of rock and roll, having sold over 140 million albums and produced over forty top 50 hits in both her time as a solo artist and with the legendary Fleetwood Mac

2. Rolling Stone named her one of the Top 100 greatest singers of all time and she is in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

3. She wrote “Rhiannon” which was voted one of the 500 greatest songs of all time

4. When she put her life nto perspective before seeking help for her cocaine habit she was quoted as saying: “I would be very sad if some 25-year-old lady rock and roll singer ten years from now said, ‘I wish Stevie Nicks would have thought about it a little more.’ That’s kind of what stopped me and made me really look at the world through clear eyes” – which I feel is a positive slant on becoming sober.

5. Her dress sense is pretty bohemian and she isn’t afraid to express herself in how she dresses. It’s her uniform and it works amazingly well for her. She made that look her own.

6. She used to have a personal jeweller. Her. Own. Jeweller. AMAZING. 

7. She has never had children (she has one stepson) and says that “My mission maybe wasn’t to be a mom and a wife; maybe my particular mission was to write songs to make moms and wives feel better” – proving that it is okay to want have a career and not be a Mother. For me,  this is something I personally struggle with, as I am not sure if kids are something I want, so I massively respect her for this.

8. That voice is insane, for someone who is 65 years old, she sounds incredible and her stage presence is still, absolutely spellbinding (I watched a live show of hers on TV earlier) and, despite some obvious work done on her face, she looks incredible.

9. She keeps Christmas lights on one of her trees in her garden, all year round. Big on the Christmas, I agree.

10. She believes in long hair for everybody. WOOO Long hair rules.


What a babe. 

She also sings one of my favourite songs, Edge of Seventeen. Here is a link to a live version.

She may not be perfect and has had a rollercoaster life, and yeah, she may not be the best role model for everyone. But i think she’s pretty cool, which is why I am hailing her my hero for International Women’s Day.

Do you have one?!


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