Bills Restaurant – Marry Me?

Now, I’ve clearly been living under a rock for the past 25 years, either that or I don’t pay attention to anything. I’d like to think my excuse is that I live in Swindon, a town so disinterested in food that you would get more options of where to eat out in the Sahara Desert.

A little harsh yes, whilst we have some excellent Italians and an amazing Tapas bar, we’re a town of chains. We love chains because anything new would be approached with extreme caution, poked slightly and turned round to check it’s pulse and abandoned quickly once we see it’s breathing.

I am well aware Bills is a chain – before the hypocrite police get on my back – and I’m not against them at all – I’ve had some excellent food in these restaurants, but sometimes it is nice to branch out more, which is why when I discover somewhere new to me, I get all of a quiver.

So yes, Bills is a chain restaurant, one that i had never heard of until Sunday when we went to Windsor, and was really surprised that when I did the super cool thing and “checked in” on Facebook I was inundated with people going “I love it there!” I was a little sad that I hadn’t discovered this first – but as I said, apparently I am oblivious to everything.

It was so good, so good. For a non vegetarian, I was pleased to see that there were good veggie options on offer – when I say “good”, i mean halloumi and when I say “on offer”, I mean I stopped reading the menu at Halloumi and Hummus burger. But once I ordered, I did take a look and my previous statement stands corrected.

Dependent on budget, it can be a tad pricey for a nice lunch with family, for the 3 of us with drinks it was a little over £40. All the meals were well presented on boards with chips in little pots and the drinks were beyond Coke and Diet Coke with ginger ale and pink french lemonade on offer. I really enjoyed my burger though, I mean whats not to love about halloumi, hummus, sweet chilli and skinny fries, washed down with a french lemonade? They also sell fish finger sandwiches.. I just can’t… I just…. wow.

Bills, you killed me/it with your amazing food and mouthwatering menu, nice location in the middle of the shopping quarter in Windsor Royal Shopping station, cute decor and the fact that you sell hampers (OH MY GOD) and I’ve totally staked out your nearest locations to me. We will meet again, I can’t say when or where, but we will.




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