Words Shared with Friends

I am really lucky in the sense that I am able to showcase some of the skills I picked up at uni (albeit very basic skills) and indulge some time in a part time project I have running on occasion. Carrie James Productions is a company run by a very good friend of mine that raises money for various charities through theatre based productions and events. It’s also a great platform for us to showcase up and coming talent in singing, acting or composing. 

Where I fit into this is usually behind a camera, whether I am filming or taking photos, I am always found behind a camera, clipboard, Starbucks cup or a biscuit. Sometimes I might be tweeting, other times I might be instagramming. But unless I am eating, there is always a camera in my hand. That is my role as Media Officer – use a camera. I have other functions of course, general running around making sure everyone is fed and watered, they know where the toilets are, where they are in the schedule, general “you’re amazing, you’ll do fine” advice giver is sometimes what I do, but anything that needs to be done – within reason (ie not tech), that doesn’t need to photographed – that’s me. It’s a great role to have!

This Sunday, we were back to our usual haunt of The Leicester Square Theatre for our latest venture: Words Shared with Friends, an album recorded by Robert (Bob) Gould that features songs that he has co-written with various composers over the last 12 years. Sung by an array of singer from the West End and Off-West End. It’s a pretty eclectic album, with musical numbers being accompanied by rock and pop songs, but it works and it works really well. The point of Sunday was a pre release launch, with the album being released on Monday (14th April) with some of the singers who feature on the album as well as some guest singers, the audience were even treated to a couple of songs that do not feature on the album as well. 

What strikes me the most about the events we do, is the sheer talent of the people performing. Within this particular event, the talent was probably some of the best I have seen and everyone was so professional and really friendly. You can see just how hard Bob has worked in writing lyrics for these songs, finding suitable artists to record with and record the album. There is nothing bad I can say about it, it’s a very well produced, written and put together album. I’ve had Whisper in the Dark in my head for four days now! 

You can also see just how much the artists performing enjoyed working with Bob on the album, whether it was from the initial recording to guest spotting on the day, every one of them looked like they were having fun and didn’t want to let Bob down in how they sang his songs. I can’t really write exactly what it was like to see this, but it was definitely special. There was something incredible in the respect that they all (Carrie James Productions staff included) gave Bob, this is very talented man, with a knack with words and how he wanted them to be shared with the world. You could see that no-one wanted to let him down and this showed in all the performances. They were just incredible. 

I have been buzzing from this for a few days now. It was definitely one of the best events I have worked on during my time with CJP. It was practically flawless, minus a small hiccup at the start with the theatre, nothing went wrong, everyone was professional and the rehearsals and show went without a hitch and on time! This isn’t, of course, to say that all the other productions we have worked on have been terrible, not at all! They have all shone in their own ways and as CJP has grown as a company, our shows have grown and we have grown – it’s all a learning curve and I’m pretty pleased to have been a part of it and look forward to many more to come. 

Words Shared with Friends is out now on iTunes, Spotify and all over formats of downloading. It’s well worth a listen.


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