Whoa, where did April go?

Wow, the month of April seriously just whizzed by. I am really shocked I managed to come out of the other side with some sort of bank balance! It was a really good month though and I managed to squeeze a hell of a lot into the 4 weeks that we had that I seem to have neglected blogging somewhat, so I do apologise. In fear of boring everyone with detailed escapades, here is April – through the eyes of my wonderful iPhone 5.

The start of April brought about a weekend of travelling around two of my favourite places to visit: Bath and Windsor. Firstly, Bath with Mum as a late Mothers day treat – where we visited the excellent farmers market at Green Park Station and went to lunch at La Tasca. Windsor, on the Sunday was with both parents for a late lunch and a mooch about the town we frequented a lot when I was a child. This is where I discovered the excellent Bills restaurant!

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The weekend after that, I headed to Avebury with my best friend Hayley for a wander around the sheep and historical stones and to use the last of her National Trust membership up! The weather wasn’t on our side, but we are lucky to have this on our doorstep, it’s such a great “go to” place when you are at a loose end on a sunny weekend. Later that day we had our friend Louise’s baby shower to celebrate the impending birth of her 2nd child, a girl. The girls did a fab job organising the afternoon of games! The next day took me back to London for the showcase of Words Shared with Friends, which you can read more about here.

IMG_0060IMG_0064  IMG_0065 IMG_0059


The next weekend was Easter and we were lucky to have 4 long, lovely days off of work to enjoy with our friends and families. I have spent the majority of April up to this point not in Swindon and why should this change because it’s Easter? So off to Suffolk I went! Another weekend with the parents, but I was able to see my Aunt and Uncle of whom I never see. Plus I got to meet some cousins for the first time, which was really fun. My family is pretty spread out across the UK, so meeting people for the first time isn’t unusual! I stayed the beautiful town of Bury St Edmonds and had a blissful 3 days with no internet access or phone signal, good weather and a lot of food and family time. Exactly what Easter should be about.

IMG_0037 IMG_0041 IMG_0038 IMG_0042


Fun isn’t limited to the weekends and following Easter weekend, I spent my Tuesday with two of my favourite (biased, totally biased) people from work, Lauren and Gemma at Lauren’s new flat with some wine and cheese. It was nice spending time with them out of work and we gossiped and laughed the night away whilst demolishing a cheese board. On the Friday, we had a team activity which I organised through Huntfun, which was a treasure hunt of the landmarks of the centre of Bristol. I mixed the teams up so we were not with people we spend time with day in and day out, which made it even more fun. By chance, I promise! my team won and got to take home a nice bottle of Lanson as the prize. I’ve never had so much fun running around the centre of Bristol. Highly recommended for a team or even a weekend away activity.

IMG_0066 IMG_0036

April ended with another weekend jaunt away, this time to Surrey to celebrate the lovely Estelle turn 25. Estelle is one of my best friends from Uni and we try to meet up as much as we can, jobs and time permitting. I hadn’t been back to her house for a good 2 years and it was so lovely to see her family and her friends again, catching up with a few of the girls she knows that I have been lucky to get to know too. The visit was short but sweet and the weather held out for a lovely garden party and BBQ. Even if it was a tad chilly. I tend to spend about 3 days visiting her, so it was a shock to the system a bit when I left the next day, fuzzy headed from Pimms and wine and sleepy from lack of sleep and running around to help prepare the day before

IMG_0052 IMG_0050 IMG_0053 IMG_0051


In fact, April ended with the birth of Peyton Mary Isabel, last Monday 28th. She was early so lucky we celebrated her arrival a few weeks before! Well done Louise and her husband Nathan!

So, that was April, what a wonderful month and a lovely event to end on, the arrival of a new life. May isn’t so exciting, but that can change! I have already set it off with a nice start with a lovely Bank Holiday weekend (to be continued) full of friends and good weather, so lets hope it carries on!






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