Eat Drink Bristol Fashion

Summer = tapas. Tapas, tapas, tapas.

A few weeks back, myself and the lovely Gemma and Alice trundled round the corner from our offices to Queens Square to the Glasto inspired teepees that graced it’s landscape throughout the month of May for a lunch of, you guessed it, tapas.

We’re lucky in Bristol to be within 4 footsteps of great food within anytime and having Eat Drink Bristol Fashion round the corner made for lovely viewing on the walks to and from work and a nice place to visit for lunch on a Friday, where the atmosphere is chilled and the weather is nice and sunny. 

The teepees are known for their tapas, cider, and roast dinners at the weekend and we ventured in for yummy tapas. For £24 for the 3 of us we ordered 7 dishes of absolute amazingness. From battered sausage, deep fried mac n cheese, asparagus in garlic butter, ribs, chips and curry sauce and lamb koftas to my absolute favourite – pork crackling, known as pig twigs. The menu varies to burgers, fish and veggie options. We also went wild at the bar with elderflower and soda water. Seriously, hold us back. We’re riotous. 

The teepees are my favourite spot to visit for lunch, albeit once or twice a year when they set up camp (ha) in Queens Square, filled with benches, a stage, enough fairy lights to land a Boeing 747 and benches full of chattering people, it is absolutely the perfect place to go and chill with your friends for that all important catch up. They’re pretty spacious too, you’re definitely not short of room inside or out, with benches and hay bales dotted about. Next year, my aim is to go there and chill outside of work! (I should probably move to Bristol in that case!)


Spot little Alice peeking out!




Pictures are edited on the “A Beautiful Mess” app.

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