Oxford, you are wet!

Bank Holiday Monday was typically British wasn’t it? It was hideous weather wise in the South of the UK. Plans to head to the beach at Weston for some authentic seaside cuisine were scuppered due to the entire South West momentarily drowning. So Oxford it was for the rather dreary afternoon.

Unfortunately, my mood matched the weather so rather than appreciating the beauty of this wonderful city, I spent my day snarling and scowling at anyone who got in my way, ending my day in a worse mood than I started off in because my poor feet were so wet. I was convinced my toes had suctioned themselves well within my shoe. I went as far as purchasing a towel to wrap my sodden tootsies in the car journey home!

But despite the rain, the cold, the hoards of people and the Bank Holiday blues, I did, honestly, really enjoy my day. I love Oxford, it’s so close to me and I never utilise it as much as I should, which is probably a good thing as it makes it all the more special when I do visit.

I get a little immersed in the whole student culture, I must admit – I would give an arm and possibly a foot to redo Uni and go there. But I lived through the one friend I have who did attend and I do remember a lovely weekend spend visiting him. That said, I do enjoy a good amble around the campus’, uni buildings and looking at all the bikes. Too obsessed with the bikes.












The Bodleian Library is one of my favourite buildings.





Oxford is fantastic for architecture. it’s just so bloody lovely to look at.

We also did a quick tour of the Ancient Egyptian and Greek exhibitions at the Ashmolean Museum. Which, is completely free and well worth a visit to learn all about these fascinating ancient cultures. I have loved these particular cultures since we covered them at school, so it was a nice refresher course.





Foul mood permitting, Oxford is the perfect rainy day out, steeped in history, free museums (there is also 4 other museums to get lost around) and good shopping, plus a famous covered market – which is closed on Bank Holidays – and a plethora of cafes and restaurants (HI BILLS, AGAIN – YOU’RE LUSH)  as well as punting on the river in good weather, you will never be bored and you will fall in love with the city over and over again.

Well worth the visit.


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