A Mother/Daughter Day Out.

Isn’t Bath lovely? I’m pretty lucky, I can get there within 20 minutes on the train and somehow, never get bored of what the city has to offer. Granted, I am yet to completely explore what this beautiful city has to offer, but I’ll get there.

Last weekend, I explored more of what Bath has to give us in it’s range of Afternoon Teas. Having now been twice to the Royal Crescent Hotel (recently visiting only in May) I decided to broaden my horizons and try to Abbey Hotels range of tea, and what better company to go with that your Mum, one of your best friends and her Mum. Wonderful!

Laura, Estelle’s Mum had never been to Bath before, so before we settled down to putting the world to rights over some sandwiches, we showed her the beauty of Bath with some of the city centre touristy spots. The Pump Room (which is free to look at, the Roman Baths costs around £14 to go round) the Bath Abbey, the markets, Pultenay Bridge and the river and of course, the shopping. 

If the day had been nicer, and we hadn’t gone so mad in H&M and our feet were up for the hilly walk, we would have showed her the glorious Royal Crescent. But shopping is perfectly fine, especially when the shops are so good in variation! 


Estelle, Me and Mum!

The Abbey Hotel is about 4 minute walk from the Bath Abbey and on the roundabout by the river, it has a lovely outdoor seating area and is surrounded by quaint cafes and bookshops. We were seated in the Allium Brassiere, by the very helpful and polite waiting staff!

We sat down and debated what to drink with our tea, do we stick with tea? do we have gin? champagne? gin, champagne and tea? and decided that a glass of champagne for £7 extra on top of the £16.50 price for the full afternoon tea of sandwiches, scones and cake was a pretty decent bargain!







With the tea itself, I was pretty impressed, with Estelle being a vegetarian, we ensured that she was catered to as well and were really surprised when they brought out a separate tea for her. Which we all thought was really nice of them!


The sandwiches were cheese and onion, ham and mustard, salmon and cream cheese and egg and tomato. The bread was really soft and it came with a mustard dressed salad. Estelle had a selection of cheese related sandwiches with beetroot thrown in. Which was all good! The scones were plain and fruit and there was one each, so two in all. Complete with jam and cream. Very sturdy (the Royal Crescent scones tend to fall apart, as on our last visit when Lauren got in such a pickle with it, it disrupted the entire garden of diners we were laughing so hard) which is what you need in a scone! Finished with a selection of carrot, lemon and chocolate cake and mini chocolate madeleines. 

Suitably full of tea and food we toddled off for a spot of last minute shopping and just happened to stop by my new favourite haunt, The Cosy Club, which is a lively 20’s inspired restaurant and bar. We stopped for some impromptu cocktails before we made our journeys back to our homes. Now, of course the cocktails were gin based. What’s a good cocktail without a splash of gin. I present to you the “English Garden” Tenqueray gin, cucumber, apple and elderflower juices over ice. Amazing…AND they are opening one just around the corner from my work in Bristol! SO EXCITING!!!!! 



So, that was the end of the most wonderful day in Bath Spa. I wonder where we will go next time….. 

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