My German Adventure – Part 1/3

Stanstead to Nuremberg.

So, it’s a little late for this, since it’s now June and this trip took place back in February – I admit that I am terrible, forgive me.

Mid way through February, myself, Laura and Mel toddled off to Nuremberg to visit the wonderful Jessica who had just finished her internship with Adidas in Germany. 5 whole days of catching up and adventures awaited us as we waited for our plane in the chicken shed with the population of New York that is Stanstead airport.

I had never been in Germany before and was extremely excited to visit, it had been the first time in a few years that I had left the country and was ready for this holiday more than words can explain. Surprisingly, the plane journey from Stanstead to Nuremberg was just over an hour and a £79 return on Ryanair, if you can justify the trek to that side of the country – it’s worth it.

We landed late afternoon on the Sunday, and caught the metro and tram back to the apartment Jess lived in before freshening up and heading out to see Nuremberg by night and looking for some food. Finding the German beer house, Barfuesser ticked all the boxes in the initial induction into German life, traditional German cuisine, beer and a taste into what German culture is like. The Germans are pretty relaxed and really friendly and I like the efficiency of the culture. It fits in well with me! Plus, look how awesome that building is! SO much love for that. In fact, I have a lot of love for Bavarian architecture.


I opted for the Schnitzel, pork covered in bread crumbs and deep fried served with a pickle salad and fries. Was really good, but extremely filling! I seem to have neglected a photo of it in my excitement to be in Germany, but I can provide my first authentic German beer, which was horrible, I stuck to Radler (a type of shandy) for the rest of the week…


Nuremberg is a pretty city, despite it’s checkered history, it’s also incredibly interesting. We were lucky to spend a couple of days here at the end of the week (tbc) to explore it further.

It’s particularly impressive at night, extremely tidy and lots of beautiful buildings to excite my inner architecture nerd and sculptures to try and work out what on earth they are about. Thankfully, we had the art teacher and the graphic designer with us, so everything was easily answered with a simple bit of information or a “I haven’t a clue”

Image Image






From top: St Laurence Church, part of the old city wall, the Ehekarussell fountain – the marriage carousel, the square outside St Laurence (St Lorenz) church, Me, Mel and Jess on our first night in Germany.

After a wander, we headed back for a “sleepover” and last minute packing as we were off to Munich the next morning….

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