My German Adventure – Munich

Munich. This is how excited we were to go to Munich on “holiday within a holiday” for 3 days: Image Image

Even more exciting was the fact that we were going to spend 3 hours on the train whizzing through the beautiful German countryside, Me and Jess weren’t on suitcase duty (cheers Mel and Laura), the coffeeshop Yormas GAVE AWAY FREE SYRUP to put into your milchkaffee (milky coffee) and breakfast was this:

Image a cheesy pretzel, hazelnut coffee goodness.

To top of my excitement, the train was double decker and we were all sat facing each other with our coats EFFICIENTLY (oh, you, Germany) hung up next to us, looking like we were part of some bizarre jumble sale. Oh, and to pre warn you, it really wasn’t as cold as I am making out in all the photos.

The easiest and cheaper way to travel through Bavaria is to get a Bavaria ticket, a group ticket for 4 people that lasts a day that takes you anywhere and back in Bavaria (in the same day) which works out at roughly 23 euros per person.

Image Image


We checked into our hostel Smart Stay, which is just outside the centre of Munich and about £30 a night to stay in. It’s pretty accessible, the staff are friendly and it’s basic but liveable – and if you’re just looking for a place to sleep, I would totally recommend a hostel as Munich can be pretty expensive.

Our first day in Munich lead us to a lot of sightseeing and walking around and being generic tourists. Jess, having lived in Germany collectively over a year knew Munich well enough, so our first day was pretty covered, seeing the typical sights of what this stunning city has to offer.

We started at the Rathaus-Glockenspiel, which houses the famous Glockenspiel bell, which every day at 11am, the bell tolls and the story of how Duke Wilhelm V married Renata of Lorraine, through a dance and a joust (Bavaria win every time) to a traditional song. It’s around 20 minutes long, but well worth a watch.

Image  Image


Our first day also consisted of a visit to the Viktualienmarkt, which is a huge market that caters to all tastes and has a great selection of food available. We stopped off for food on the run, the tradition German Bratwurst in a roll with sweet mustard.

Image  Image


Jess insisted that our next stop would show us everything about Munich we needed to know and see. She took us in the direction of St Peters Church, which confused us all slightly. We paid 2 euros and went inside feeling curious, until we realised we needed to climb the smallest, narrowest staircase (one way system) ever. About 3 hours (15 minutes), 4 heart attacks, a lot of underbreath swearing, apologies to the powers above for the language, a lot of “I HATE YOU JESS'” later we arrived at the top…

Image ImageImageImage


Jess was right, you could see all over the city and beyond. You could even see as far as the Alps. It wasn’t a clear enough day to fully see them, but you got the general gist of where they were and could see them in the distance. It’s well worth going up it, despite the repeated heart failure. The view works wonders for repairing broken friendships from the climb 😉

Back on the ground, coffee called and a quick reccy about what to do for the rest of our day and of course, the all important “what shall we have for dinner?”

Image Image


The rest of the afternoon brought us to the Royal Palaces and gardens, a brief insight into the history of these ala Jess Webb, another church an amazing toy store with all the Marvel lego in the world, and art gallery, street art, Mel’s bizarre photo taking positions and a lot of messing around with cameras. Oh, and a REALLY WEIRD Michael Jackson memorial.

Image Image


Image Image


Image Image


Image  Image


Our evening consisted of dinner in Hans im Glück – a burger restaurant. Where I had the nicest avocado burger ever. We were sharing a table with some random guys, so we didn’t take photos, but it was good. Hans im Glück, is highly recommended a visit if you’re in Germany, it’s a bit like GBK. So gooooood.


The Hans im Glück sign.





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