Munich day 3 and the worlds biggest pizza….

Day 3 in Munich involved coloured buildings, cows, a shed load of chocolate, a German beer house and a long train home.

The day started by separating. After 3 days together, we decided that actually, Laura wasn’t cool enough to be in our group so we left her at an art gallery with the list of things to do whilst we trundled off to find Milka World.

Yes. Milka World. Like, the chocolate Milka, in a world, of Milka.

Milka world looked like this:

1070116_10202635856849781_1591485609_n 1235112_10202635856129763_1032284946_n DSCN0522 DSCN0524 DSCN0532


But it was STUFFED full, FULL of the most wonderful chocolate.  Now, before I go on Milka world is actually just a giant Milka shop with an alpine theme running through it. But hey, I enjoyed giant bars of Milka for 77c, the cow and the odd ski.


Unfortunately, as we had hand luggage rather than a suitcase, we were restricted to what we could take home. Mummy Laura told us we weren’t to come back to her with too much stuff…



They’re doubled up..

Anyways, so after I bought myself diabetes for life, we met Laura back at the Glokenspiel where we finally watched the 20 minute show in the bell tower on how Bavaria came to be, before heading off for a spot of traditional German lunch.

How traditional?

This traditional:



The Hofbrauhaus is Munich’s most famous beer hall, dating way way back and  was once the Royal Brewery of Bavaria as well as one of the meeting points of the Nazi party. The 25 point programme of the National Socialist programme was proclaimed here.  It offers you a very authentic German experience. There are tables reserved for regukar guests who come to the beer hall every week. the cuisine is typically german, with meat and sausage and pickles on offer and of course, the famous beer.

DSCN0561 DSCN0559 DSCN0552 DSCN0550 DSCN0548

me and Jess went for the famous Munich white sausage, which is white sausage in water, served with a sweet mustard which you can put in/on a pretzel. Which was nice, but a bit sickly towards the end!

By the time we meandered back to the hauptbahnhof to get our train, we were all tired and ready for a rest. Our first night back in Nuremberg was going to be a chilled one, heading out for some dinner at a local pizzaria.

Well…. I stopped eating at bout 1:30-2ish and I am glad I did so, not one snack passed my lips and only water was consumed. I had heard from Jess that the pizzas at the Osteria were big, but nothing prepared me for what happened.


I mean, that’s not that big surely?




Holy mother of dough, but that’s to share right?

IMG_0435 IMG_0433


Ah… but how did they all fit on the table?!


Because Laura ate salad….

but, did we finish these 8 euro pizza monstrosities?!

IMG_0437 IMG_0440 IMG_0443

You sure as hell bet we did. I wasn’t even full!





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