Nuremberg, the final stretch

After our body weight in pizza was consumed, we all rather spectacularly spectacularly crashed out in a dough fuelled haze, half asleep and wondering whether it would be possible to ever eat again.

It was, our little cherub Jessica woke us up with this darling spread the very next morning:


Which meant we were pretty set for a day of exploring in Nuremberg. 

Nuremberg, to look at centrally is quite small, but when you walk from one end to the other, it’s actually pretty big! Big and tiring, but full of quirky little gems to look at. 

From churches, town halls, famous houses, christmas shops, and quirky craft shops – Nuremberg is very electic in what it has to offer. It even has a Dunkin’ Doughnuts… mmmmm

We headed to the top and worked our way down, starting at the Rapunzel Nuremberg Castle 

1383354_10202635882490422_1055073311_n 1536554_10202635891010635_1154697608_n 1898084_10202635893930708_289657282_n

Which gave spectacular views over Nuremberg. We also unsuccessfully tried to get a photo of the 4 of us, which nearly resulted in us all being run over and losing our cameras. Safety first people, it’s very important to look at the road before grouping together for a photo…

IMG_0499 IMG_0473

Next stop down the steep hill from the castle was Albrecht Durers house. Albrecht Durer was a famous theorist, printer and engraver in the 1500’s. 

We didn’t go in, but we did walk past it on our whistle stop tour of Nuremberg towards the sausage house for lunch. 



I love how there is a house for everything in Germany, including sausages.

The rest of the day was spent shopping and taking pictures by things we found interesting… which is usually everything knowing us.

DSCN0684 DSCN0686 10277717_10152296821131858_6427530091300721489_n 1981865_10202635906731028_429000269_n 1959989_10202635908011060_1622121210_n 1939784_10202635901010885_1332317553_n 1531715_10202635868210065_1389992752_n 1017738_10202635903770954_1779386535_n

Making the most of our last day! We ended on a great note, going for a fancy dinner and meeting Jess’ friends from work in an Irish bar.


Before heading back to the little flat for the last sleep before we headed home, this time with a Jess!!! A Jess, forever! 

The best week.  


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