The day my childhood was complete

Now, this song is pretty much everything my childhood was and more. A few weeks ago, I completely waivered all rights to a reputable existence, grabbed my childhood out from the cupboard and boarded a train towards extreme fangirling. Armed with my best friends, 4 cans of Thatchers, some Prosecco, champagne and of course, cheez-its (because somewhere, deep inside there I was still an adult) I had the makings of a pretty awesome day out. 





In all honesty, the trip to Hyde Park was eventful. We had a very cool train ride in which a guy with an accordian serenaded us all with some timeless Beyonce classics, some teenagers (yes, teens) who were off to the same concert persuaded him to try and attempt some Backstreet Boys, which was cool. On route through Hyde Park, by this point happily merry enough from the train… this happened. 


I present, my shoe. Broken. AAAAHHHH MAAAAN. It was fine, I mean there wasn’t rain forecasted for the day or anything, so you know I could have just left it flapping about (my argument being my toes were excited to see BSB too). I am, of course, being awfully sarcastic and despite the sunglasses, bare legs and the sunshine behind us, there was rain, there was lots of rain. But don’t despair, I fixed it. With gum. It’s a good adhesive. Crisis averted! TO THE BAR!


the bar of tropical goodness, that only sold Strongbow as your cider choice…. erm….? sigh. 

Fine, I’ll drink the Strongbow. The lovely *makes face* Strong….bow.

As it was actually classified as “British Summetime Festival” and not, “Kenresa’s childhood day out” we had to actually entertain some bands before the Backstreet Boys came on stage, the horror of it. Thankfully, they’d thought to book some pretty awesome people to keep my attention firmly to the stage and not towards the god awful drink I had to choice but to consume. 

First up were Diversity – who were amazing.. the unspeakable things I would do to Ashley Banjo… goodness. They were just as impressive in person as they are on the TV, you can definitely see how hard they work at it when they took their shirts off blew the crowd away with endless backflips, jumps and amazing choreography. Scouting for Girls were next, a band who I have lost count of how many times I have seen over the years, whether as support, or as a main act. They are never not entertaining and full of amazing sing -a- long classics. There was a bit of a mishap next as Wheatus and Five (Four)  were billed to perform, but Five (Four) pulled out? and they moved Wheatus’ slot to a really rubbish stage! We couldn’t hear them, so we gave up and took our places for…





In a nutshell, what happened next was shameful, for everyone else around me. For myself, I absolutely, 100% did not care that I was a 25 year old adult, two months away from turning 26 and in full scale meltdown mode. I screamed so loudly, I am certain I could be heard on the moon, I jumped up and down so hard and quickly, I am certain I slipped a disc, I waved my arms so frantically I nearly beheaded a group of people behind me. Did I care? no. Did they start off with “The Call”? they did, did I shout horrifically every word from the heart? YOU BET I DID. 

Did this carry on right through until “Everybody”? yup. When “Everybody” started, I lost my mind. 


When they were over, I was in awe. They still have it, after all these years and, yes I know they didn’t sing “Larger than Life” but that is okay.. all is forgiven. 

McBusted were the headliner, but after the BSB – they could have just stood and chatted for two hours and I wouldn’t have cared. I was done. All life goals.. done. 

Granted, McBusted were insane, as a McFly fan, I was very happy to see them and their energy is so intense. But compared to seeing my childhood heroes? It didn’t compare, McBusted put on a hell of an entertaining show and I sang and I danced, but as far I was concerned, I had seen “Everybody” sung live. 

I’m done.

DSCN0800 DSCN0797 DSCN0791

DSCN0802 IMG_2412 IMG_2387 IMG_2405 IMG_2410


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